Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Product review- products!

Lately, I was contacted by if I would like to receive some products to try. After checking out their wonderful website, I immediately agreed because frankly, I can't believe they offer so many things I needed! (even though I not a student living in a dorm anymore) :)

If you are unfamiliar, is a college dorm supplies superstore and provides the widest selection of college dorm essentials at the lowest price. Honestly, I can't believe my eyes when I saw their low prices for some of the things that other stores sell for so much more! The best part is they offer shipping for only $2.95 on your entire order, how fantastic! 

I love so many of the fabulous and nifty items they offer on their website. Below are some of my favorites! 

College students or not, the items above are super cool to have, don't you think? Honestly, I can easily find 50 items from their website that I wanted for myself! :)

For today's review, I have selected these fabulous products!

First item: 

I am in love with my gorgeous dorm trunk! The hardware and details are simply beautiful. Measuring at 29" L x 20" W x 14" H, it is huge and spacious. I also like that it comes in 2 wheels so you can transport your items in the trunk easily. I am planning to use it to store my seasonal clothing or shoes. College students can use this trunk as a temporary coffee table or a side table. With its stylish good looks and multi-functional capability, this white trunk is a winner in my book!

Second item:

I am someone who always feel cold when I am sleeping so this comforter is a godsend! Not only does the material feels super soft and plush, it provides me with the warmth that I needed for a good night's sleep (this coming from someone who use two blankets and a comforter on a daily basis, not kidding). In fact, this is the warmest comforter I have ever used in my life! If you are always feeling cold or live in a cold region like me, this comforter might be the one you are looking for!

Third item:

This table top ironing board is absolutely wonderful! With its compact size, it is ideal for small spaces and convenient enough for ironing a few items of clothing. Quality wise, it is sturdy, well padded and well-constructed. I especially like the iron rest it comes with so you can easily put your hot iron in a safe place when it's not in use. I also like that an over the door hook is provided with the ironing board for easy storage. Such a well-designed product, I highly recommended it for small spaces and dorm use!

Fourth item:

I love my new steam iron because it gives me a lot of ironing options with its variable steam control and heat setting adjustment. I like that I can dry or steam iron my clothing, depending on how wrinkled my item of clothing is. When the heat indicator light turns red, it means the iron is ready for action! I especially like the steam option because it helps get rid of the wrinkles fast! It also comes with a small measurement cup for filling up the water tank conveniently if you are using the steam ironing option! The iron is very easy to use and my clothes turned out creaseless and crisp within minutes. This iron is well-made, high quality and user-friendly, what's not to love? I would absolutely recommend this wonderful product to everyone!

Fifth item:

I always travel and this roomy laundry bag will really come in handy! The beautiful colors first caught my eyes and I especially like its stylish geometric design! Made with durable cotton lined material, it features a strong drawstring closure. The best thing about this laundry bag is its size because it can hold a lot! To determine how much clothing the laundry bag can fit, I put two adult size puffer jackets and a kid size puffer jacket in the laundry bag and believe it or not, there is still room for another adult size puffer jacket or two! Simply amazing! I can't wait to bring this fabulous laundry bag with me when I go travelling in the future. Highly recommend!

Sixth item:

This fabulous drying rack is another winner! I have a ton of thick sweaters and after they have been washed, I usually lay them on a flat surface on top of absorbent bath towels for drying. Yes, the bath towels did the job but they always make my wood floors wet and damp. I also ended up with more laundry to do so it is not an ideal solution! Hanging my wet thick sweaters on clothes hangers is not an option as well because they often result in unsightly pucker marks and sagging. The great thing about this pop open mesh drying rack is it easily pops open for arched drying and fold flats for easy storage. The best part is it fits right over the bathtub for drip-drying sweaters and clothing. Now, I don't have to worry about ruining my wood floors anymore while drying my clothes! With its wonderful design, adjustable width option and good quality material, I will be using this product regularly and during all my travels. Fantastic product, highly recommended!

Seventh item:

I love this wonderful lint brush! Featuring two sides, it helps remove more lint in a shorter time span. It is lightweight, reusable and it removes lint on my wool jackets in a jiffy, what's not love? Another great product that I would use at home or during travels! 

Overall, I am pleased with all the products I have received from Great quality products despite the low price points! Shipping is fast and efficient as well. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to applaud the excellent customer service provided by To be perfectly honest, I was slightly disappointed when I was sent a wrong item. I had thought of keeping the wrong item because I don't want the hassle of shipping the item back but in the end, I decided to return the product because it couldn't meet my needs. After a few emails exchange, I was ready to swap the wrong item for the right one but decided to let me keep it. The right item was promptly delivered to my doorstep within a few days. A company that is efficient and does the right thing and knows how to make their customers happy? Now that is great customer service! I would definitely recommend purchasing items from this company!

*I have received these products to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

What do you think of these products? Is there anything you would like to have for your own home as well? 

If you have a college going kid or know someone who is going to college, this website is a must visit! To check out more dorm essentials and other nifty home products from their collection, please visit


  1. Have to check this out, my son is going to be boarding in a prep school for high school, so I need a lot of stuff to keep him well-stocked and ready! Thnks!


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