Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our guest bedroom (work in progress) Part 4!

Thanks for checking back again. Also, thank you for your kind and lovely comments regarding my guest bedroom last week!

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This week I had planned to show you my niche wall progress but we had a few setbacks. I was planning to install a thin shoe moulding around my niche wall but unfortunately received the bad news from my husband. He told me that there is no way to drill through the niche wall because its surrounding was made of metal. I had no idea and was quite disappointed, to be honest.

I was planning to move on and install these wall mount candle holders on either side of the wall niche on Sunday after I "get my taper candles" on Saturday from Home Depot. 

It seemed that Home Depot doesn't carry any candles in their brick and mortal stores. The candles are only available online. I must have overlooked the details on their website. Another disappointment. 

Of course I can take the measurements of the candles and install the candle holders on the walls in advance but I really wanted to have the candles in place before the installation so I can really visualize the ideal placement. I am planning to do it right and not rush to finish the room.

The night after we got home from Home Depot, I ordered my taper candles online right away after I found a website that sells individual taper candles (most websites sell them by the dozen). It's cheaper so it's all good. Hopefully, they will arrive sometime this week so I can show you the finished wall niche area.

On a happier note, I want to share with you a few updates. My pretty yellow ikat pillow covers have arrived! They were provided by my fabulous sponsor, Fabricadabra. A big thanks to Donna for her generosity! Let's check them out!

Please try to overlook the missing bedding, they aren't here yet. :(

What do you think of my new pillow covers? Aren't they beautiful? I like how the ikat pattern mimics the leopard prints on the pink Dana Gibson pillow. My new ikat pillow covers were handwoven, made with natural dyes and have the same ikat pattern at the back. The quality is quite good.

The size of my pillow covers are 18"x 18". I do not have 18"x 18" pillow inserts at home so I went online to look. Then I suddenly came up with an idea. 

I can always use the 20"x 20" pillow inserts from my other pillows! That way I can save some cash and my pillows would look fuller. Fuller= better when it comes to pillows, don't you think? Win-win!

Since the small closet in my guest bedroom is stuffed to the max (with the old disassembled bed frames and all of our luggage), there isn't a lot of hanging space for our guests so I wanted to get some wall hooks for the room. We used to have a row of wall hooks behind the door but my son made some holes in the wall when he unknowingly slammed the door (with the wall hooks) a few times. The regular door stopper doesn't seem to help in our situation.

To make a long story short, we need some wall hooks. Nice, brassy wall hooks. I have considered using whimsical animal wall hooks but I don't want the room to look too cutesy. I have also considered regular brass hooks and those with crystals attached but I was not sold.

When I accidentally stumbled upon these online, I was smitten!

Aren't they perfect for my guest bedroom? They are gorgeous, brass, whimsical enough without being too cutesy and most importantly, they are solid! A little splurge on my part but they are well worth it for their good looks and great quality!

Remember my bare closet doors? I have considered painting them (and the entrance door) green (a similar color as my nightstands) but I was too lazy taking another painting job. Plus, I really don't want to make the room too dark because this room doesn't receive a lot of natural light. 

However, I wanted to do something about the plain doors. Perhaps I can change the knobs! I have entertained the idea of using pretty, colorful knobs and those pretty crystal knobs but couldn't pull the trigger.

Then, I went to Etsy and found these fantastic drop round knobs. They are not particularly huge or dramatic but I like that they mimic the look of my wall candle holders.

 After and before.

The small change makes the door looks so much better!

 Close up!

They just arrived yesterday. I had no problem removing the old door knob on the left but had a problem with the right one. I waited for my husband to come home from work to remove the old, stubborn door knob. 

After taking the old door knob out, we found out that the pre-drilled hole was slightly too big for the new knob to fit snugly. Luckily, there's nothing the gorilla super glue can't fix so I just glued it in. (The new knob on the right door fits into the pre-drilled hole perfectly, though.)

See how good they look? Design is in the details, right?

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the updates in my guest bedroom. Stay tuned for another update next week! I have a nice surprise to show you!

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  1. The room is coming along beautifully! I LOVE the new knobs for the closets.....

  2. I love the new pillows and the knobs...great job!

  3. The bedroom looks amazing! I love the golden animal head.

  4. Jessie! This transformation is SOO good! Love everything, & wow night and day, so dark before & now all light & beautiful color. Gorgeous! XX jana

  5. So pretty! Love the bold colors anchored with navy...a bit of nautical mixed with regency...swooooon!

    Xx- Julie
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Oh wow, I'm loving this room Jessie!! The details you are adding in are so good- it's crazy how much nicer the closet doors look with the new knobs. I wouldn't have thought to do that and it makes such a difference! Also- the new hooks! I can't wait to see them hung! The ikat pillows are so pretty too and I love how they look with the leopard pillow. Your guest room is looking amazing!!

  7. Things are just getting better in this chic space Jessie! You should've joined this for the ORC!


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