Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guest post- Transform your living room!

Living rooms can be great. They are brilliant to entertain in and they are the best places in the house to sit as a family and talk or share a love of a certain TV program. You probably spend the majority of the time in the living room and so you should make it as special as possible. Two words come to mind when I think about how a living room should be decorated: comfort and style. This is it. Comfort and style.

Let me give you some inspiration with this article.

The Overall Style

We are living in a golden age of design because we have the whole wealth of style from history from which to draw inspiration from. There is Tudor style, New York loft, renaissance France, whichever style that suits your taste. You have to decide your overarching style of the room, or even house before you set about designing it.

Bear in mind whether or not you have an open plan room or an enclosed one as it will effect what styles will work and which would not.

Accent Colors

One of the best things about being human is our ability to perceive many colors. We should use this to our advantage, especially when decorating. Pick a color and stick with it. Having one major color in a room can transform it significantly but only if you use different variations of that color.

If having one accent color in a room sounds boring to you, then you can go for two accent colors. Two contrasting colors can be really interesting. If you do various shades of the same two colors, you can create a really interesting effect throughout any room.

Focal Point

Every room in the house needs a focal point, whether it is a giant aga in the kitchen, an ornate wall mirror in the dining room or a fire place in the lounge room. A room with a fireplace is instantly transformed, and nowadays, you can get really exciting and interesting fire places which specialize in bioethanol fires. Any fireplace will transform the room so look for what suits your chosen style.

Layered vs Simplicity

Another decision you will have to make is whether or not to go for a simplistic, modern look, or a more layered look. Both are tricky to pull off well, although the layered look is harder. Only attempt the layered look if you are very confident in your abilities.

The Mood

Getting the mood right can be a difficult thing to achieve. The colors and the type of furniture you fill your room with will really help with this. Think about whether or not you would like a light and cheery room with white and light blue accents or a dark and brooding room with black, dark red and rich purples. It is up to you and the room you would like to create.

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