Thursday, December 19, 2013

Guest post- Why Minimizing Your Decor Can Maximize Your Space!

“Less Is More”

Modernist architect Mies Van der Rohe is credited with the saying “less is more.” While Mies was referring to exterior ornamentation for buildings, the philosophy can also apply to interior spaces. Especially if your home or flat has small rooms, less truly IS more.

In some cases, “less” refers to the scale of your furniture. For instance, instead of purchasing a mammoth sofa that can overpower a small room, why not substitute a cozy two-seater and a matched set of armchairs. Visit for matching and mixing ideas before commiting to anything.  You will still have plenty of seating space while preserving a sense of openness.

Getting rid of excess clutter is also essential. While you may find it difficult to part with some of the books, clothing and furnishings you are used to having around, once you do you will be amazed by how much lighter and roomier your living space becomes. As a bonus, you may even make a bit of money if you sell off some of your possessions.

When you are working to make the most of small spaces, walls become your ally. Install wall shelving for books, electronics and clothing to preserve precious floor space. The less you have on the floor, the larger your rooms often appear.

Purchase Furniture With Clean Lines

Modernist style furniture has clean lines that lend themselves well to small spaces. A sleek leather couch, glass and chrome coffee table and simple armchairs form an inviting conversation area that does not make the room look crowded. If your taste runs more toward traditional furnishings, choose smaller-scale pieces with more subtle patterns. For example, a floral love seat matched with armchairs that pick up one of the colors of the love seat can be charming and inviting in a small room, whereas a full-sized floral sofa might make the room seem cramped.

Eliminate Needless Clutter

While there is no need to become compulsive about having everything in its place, it is true that tidy rooms seem more spacious than messy rooms. Likewise, it is easier to keep track of your keys, important documents or even your child’s favorite toy when your essential items are not buried underneath piles of clutter.

Go through your possessions and decide what you simply cannot live without. Sell, give away or discard the rest. You may very well be amazed at how much roomier your spaces will seem. You will also save precious time that you previously wasted retrieving “lost” items. You might also wonder why you waited so long to de-clutter your life.

Maximize Wall Spaces

Placing meaningful artwork on your walls can add a sense of beauty to your home. However, when you are working with small spaces, your walls must perform double duty. Create the look of built in bookcases by hanging rows of shelves on your walls. Install a cork board in your kitchen for hooks to hang your cookware and cooking utensils. Provide additional space for toiletries in your bathroom by installing shelving above your sink if you do not already have a medicine cabinet. In your bedroom, wall space can provide eye-level storage for belts, ties and other accessories.

Amy Grimshaw has a passion for minimalistic design. She freuqently shares her love of this decorating look on interior design websites.

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