Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book review- The English Country House!

Thanks again to Meghan and The Vendome Press for sending me another beautiful book, "The English Country House". Authored by James Peill, photographed by James Fennell and a foreword by Jullian Fellowes (the creator of Downton Abbey), this book is fabulously breathtaking!

Inside the pages of this stunning book, you will find these ..........

Photo credits: James Fennell

In a nutshell, this 224-pages brilliantly photographed book showcases 10 stately English country homes. Focusing on exquisite interiors, remarkable architecture, amazing gardens, histories and legacies of the families who occupied these estates, this visually delightful volume is truly a gem and shouldn't be missed! Engaging and gorgeous, this book is a must have for those who has an appreciation for old houses, architecture, history or design!

Don't forget to pick up your copy here.

*I received this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. Too GRANDE!!! What a luxurious life these people had. Sweet post!
    Cheers! MAYA

  2. OK! One more thing to add to my Christmas wish list!!!! love it. M.


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