Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product review- Downlinens Pillows!

I am in desperate need of a new pillow and was very excited when DownLinens contacted me to review their Plush Perfect Gel Fiber Pillows

DownLinens is an online retailer offering high quality comforters, pillows, bed toppers, blankets, throws and down alternative bedding products at affordable prices.

For this review, I decided to get the Plush Perfect Gel Fiber Pillows (overstuffed)(set of 2) in the King size.

Here are mine. They came in a pair, which is a bonus!

To be honest, I am very particular when it comes to my pillow. When the pillow is too soft, I will feel dizzy in the morning so I always pick the firmest pillow at the store when I am looking for a replacement.

Having said that, how do my new, luxury overstuffed gel pillows measure up? Overall, they feel very plush, ultra soft and has a medium firmness. Hypo-allergenic and made with breathable materials, they are easy to wash, too.

Although my new gel pillow doesn't have the firmness I was looking for (this is personal preference, of course), I would still consider it a wonderful pillow because it offers good support for my head and neck. I also find my new pillows great for propping up in bed. The best of all? The pillow has the softest feel and envelopes the sides of my head comfortably.

No two sleepers are alike. If you are looking for a soft, plush and comfortable pillow with slightly increased support and firmness, then this pillow is for you! You can now get yours at 15% off, just use the discount code: ITSGELTIME15 during checkout. Happy shopping!

*I received this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. I am in a search for a pillow Jessie and was contemplating on the MY PILLOW on tv, glad to read your review and willsurely check it out.


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