Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fabulous finds- Modern White Desks (In Every Price Range)!

I have been thinking about getting a glossy, modern white desk for the longest time. I have delayed my desk purchase because I really wanted to have a 'proper' home office before getting the 'perfect' desk. 

After many years of waiting, I have decided to get a desk pronto whether I am getting a designated room of my own or not! Since our home is short on space, I decided to move some furniture (with hubby's help, of course) to make way for a spot in our house to call my home office. 

I have been checking out a lot of white desks, from the super affordable to those that are out of my price range just to see what is on the market. If you are looking for a modern white desk with a sleek design as well, I hope you find today's post helpful. Below are my favorites:




Personally, I am gravitating towards white modern desks with interesting legs particularly those with x-bases, trestle legs or chrome bases and gorgeous hardware details. In a fantasy world, I would be getting one of the desks from the 'pricey' range. However, in reality, I will probably get a desk in the "affordable" range. 

The super chic and elegant 'Polished Brass & Lacquered Campaign Desk', is my most favorite! Every single detail on that desk makes me swoon. What about you? Which desk are you drawn to?


  1. Hi Jessie, It is amazing; I like the Jett Desk and the Tate desk the most! Good research for us, thank you!

    Designer Barry Dixon Feature

  2. Good timing. I've been looking at my old Ikea wood and black desk and thinking I'd like to possibly update it to white and silver or something else that just makes it different than now! Looking at your examples gave me some good ideas.

  3. The IKEA Besta Burs has always been a favorite of mine, though I don't know that its narrow depth could accommodate my daily awesomeness. ;)

  4. nice post, lots of high/lows, I just got the CB2 peekaboo console to use as a desk in a small space, I wish I had the space for a white lacquer desk (sheldon or worlds away), can't wait to see your decision! Best, Sarah

  5. Great round up of white desk....I love the less expensive ones.....

  6. What a helpful post Jessie!


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