Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest post- Simplicity is key in modern decor!

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Home decorating ideas are abundant. You can find them online, in magazines and just about everywhere. But before buying new furniture or even before you start rearranging what you already have, you want to take the time to think about the look you want. The current trend is toward the uncluttered, clean, streamlined modern. But then again, just about any décor style needs to be uncluttered and streamlined, showing off those great open spaces, beautiful fixtures and even those high ceilings. 

The Importance Of Color

When you are going for that clean, uncluttered look you want the furniture to flow with the rest of the décor; you want the furniture to work seamlessly with the carpeting, hardwood or stone floors and the other areas of the home. To get this look, stick to neutral colors like browns, creams or taupes. If this seems a little too dull for your taste add texture to your neutrals. You can also add a splash of color with by adding throw pillows in an accented color.

Go For Sleek 

Whatever your design style, sleek is in, but by sleek we mean well finished and elegant. This could be furniture made of natural woods, or eco-friendly products. Accent areas with lacquered cabinets or a TV drop down cabinet. If you are going for the uncluttered look then the last thing you want to do is keep the TV out in plain view. Another option is to use a Nexus 21 drop down ceiling TV lift to keep your TV set. Besides, having a ceiling drop down lift will add that modern sleek look to your living room.

Floor Design and Décor

If possible you want to add hardwood floors or eco-friendly flooring material like bamboo. Use neutrally toned area rugs to tie in the furniture and draw attention to the beautiful sleek floors.

Glass and Light Fixtures

In this type of style you want to emphasize areas with hidden light. Rooms should allow for natural lighting and use very minimalist window dressings. Remember the point here is to show off the beauty of urbanity or the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Keep It Simple 

Use leathers and beautiful suede. You can also use expensive upholstery. Just remember to keep colors and styles classic and simple. Do not overdo it, or you will clutter the room with furniture again. Just use the essential seating areas you need. Remember, going for that uncluttered look involves your only using the basics, and keeping the electronics, the clutter and the stuff from distracting the viewer from the beauty of the room and of the outdoor views.

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  1. Very much in favor of keeping it simple, clean and classic. Nice article!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hello Jessie

    This is sound advice and works every time.
    Thanks for this post

    Helen xx


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