Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest post- Five popular types of bunk beds!

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Undoubtedly, all parents want to provide great comfort and ease to their children which is why parents love getting bunk beds for them. It is a fact that when a child enjoys sound sleep at night then he is able to start his day with freshness and positive energy. Best of all, bunk beds allows the parents a chance to accommodate two children in a single room without any kind of discomfort. The market is filled with a wide variety of bunk beds and these 5 types of bunk beds are the most popular.

1. White Bunk Beds

It is a fact that white color is soothing and works well in any theme room. Whether your children's room has yellow or blue color wall paint, a white bed always work. There are plenty of options available and you can choose either classic or modern designs, depending on your personal style.

2. Pine Bunk Beds

Whenever you are looking for a durable and compact bed, then you need to consider pine beds. You can easily find a wide variety of pine beds such as antique pine, solid pine, and natural pine in the market nowadays.

3. Loft type Bunk Beds

This kind of bunk beds brings desk or storage area underneath. It is more expensive than other types of bunk beds and they usually comes with a computer desk and dresser.

4. Metal Bunk Beds

There are many parents who want to inject some style into their children's room. Metal bunk beds are stronger than other kind of beds and add a modern vibe to any bedrooms. There are a wide variety of metal beds in the market but you should always get metal bunk beds with guard rails to protect young children from falling off their beds.

5. Plastic Bunk Beds

Sometimes, you want to get a colorful bunk bed that matches  the theme of a child’s room. There are a wide variety of colored plastic bunk beds to choose from and you are most likely to find a color of your choice.

Which kind of bunk bed would you be getting for your child’s room?

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