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The Inside Scoop- Furniture Store (Chiasso) in Chicago, Illinois.

Yesterday, our family made a trip to Chicago for dim sum in Chinatown and several other furniture stores like The White Attic, George Lowell and of course to Chiasso. I didn't take any pictures in The White Attic and George Lowell because when we were there, it was almost closing time for these stores. So, maybe next time.

Alright, back to Chiasso. Here are the pictures I took yesterday to give you an idea on how an online store would decorate their brick and mortar store. The great news for local residents is prices for any pieces in their local store is 15%-20% less compared to what one would pay for the same products online. I checked the prices for a few items for comparisons.

Note: Store Price (SP) if I remember correctly and Online Price (OP)

I didn't check the prices for all their products but I will reveal what I know and remembered.

Beautiful and dramatic woven sculpture to highlight the store's name.

The architectural details on the legs of the cocktail table are just so gorgeous. SP: $498 vs OP: $598

Elegant, sleek and modern Le Corbusier style sofa. OP: $1,098

Oversized decorative sculptural vases. OP: $398 (large) $298 (small) 

Simple clock, floor model. (black decal sold separately) Original SP: $38 Floor model: $19

Contemporary vases. SP: $118 vs OP: $148 (set of 3)

A group of stylish office chairs and office accessories.

A group of chic side tables and ottomans.

Handsomely woven bench. (also available in white) OP: $448

We really needed a bench in the entryway and so, I did some research. Among all the benches I saw online, the bench above in white fits the bill perfectly because it's so gorgeous and the design is so timeless. However, it is a little pricey for me so maybe I will wait for a sale of some sort. I really like furniture that looks simple and polished, well-made and with subtle beautiful details. While at the store, I did inspect the furniture and it didn't disappoint. The bench is firm and seem to be of good quality.

Chic and elegant side table with a modern twist. OP: $188

Stylish office chair. OP: $348

I really like this white office chair for my future office table (can you really tell I like white by now?) because it looks very polished and comfortable but I also love the look of this Tobias chair from Ikea. The chair from Ikea is definitely cheaper with a $99.99 price tag but I am not too sure what will happen if I sit on it for a long time. It seemed comfortable when I tried it at their Ikea store a few weeks ago. Did anyone else have the Tobias chair at home? Can you share with me your experience about this chair because I have a bad back and I really hope to get an inexpensive yet stylish office chair with good support in the next month or two.

A comfy looking button turfed sofa. OP: $998 

Embroidered retro pink pillow OP: $38
Gorgeous textured pink pillow. OP: $48

Colorful retro coat rack. OP: $78 Whimsical wall decal. OP:  $28 (set of 8)

Great selections on home accessories.

I actually got the branch sculpture in white last year for $28 in the store last year (if my memory didn't fail me) compared to $38 online. Awesome deal, right? I know. It was also my very first purchase from Chiasso. Now looking at the same white branches in pair, it really does makes a difference compared to the one and only branch sculpture I got. Maybe good things really come in pairs. Buy another one in the future? There is always a possibility. What do you think? A pair or no?

Mini vases on a base. SP: $14 vs OP: $18

Adorable pear vases. SP: $38 vs OP: $48 (set of 5)

Modern, sleek and gorgeous pendant lights.

A general view of the store.

A wide selection of modern and whimsical clocks.

A pretty good selection of modern chairs and bar stools.

Did you notice the spotlight floor lamps above? I actually bought one during the Black Friday sale last year. I have always admire the look of the spotlight floor lamp because of its industrial look but the price tag always send me running the other way. Take for example this lamp from Pottery Barn or this lamp from ZGallerie, priced $299 and $499 respectively. The leaner and more affordable spotlight floor lamp version from Chiasso fits my space and my budget nicely. What is there not to love and do you have any idea how much I paid for it? Buying online easily cost you $118 and buying it in the store costs about $84 (I don't really remember). And during Black Friday's sales, they took 20% off everything and I got it around $75 total with tax. Sweet, right? I have been to Chiasso several times previously but somehow I never noticed this wonderful floor lamp. On that lucky day, I noticed it and bought it on the spot. Score! This floor lamp looks absolutely gorgeous in person but not the most substantial because of its tiny tripod legs. However it doesn't bother me at all because we placed it in a very low traffic area near the television. The height is adjustable and the head can be tilted so it's the perfect marriage of form and function.

A glimpse of the store.

Another glimpse.

A sleek and modern mid-century style tweed sofa. OP: $1,198

The sofa above reminds me of the sofa we bought along with the spotlight floor lamp during the Black Friday sale. It sells for $1,098 online but we got it for a little less than $900 with tax plus delivery and assembly. We didn't buy the sofa on impulse because I already had my eyes on it for months. Rather, it was my hubby's idea to wait for the Black Friday's sales to see if they have any discounts and luckily they did. By the way, the sofa still looks great until now (about 4 months). It was firm, made with white faux leather with beautiful mid-century modern lines and very roomy. Still loving my sofa till this day. Too bad it is not on display anymore or else I will snap a picture for you guys. So, check it out on the website if you are curious about it.

Small modern sectional sofa perfect for smaller spaces. OP: $998

Cool lounge chair. OP: $398
Decorative pillow. OP: $58

A dining set near the entrance/ exit area.

Geez, I have so much good things to say about Chiasso everyone must be thinking I am making a sales pitch or something. The truth is, I even had to approach the sales associates and asked them for permission before taking any pictures. Of course, they said okay. I just love sharing stories about my favorite store and their products with my fellow readers so that they can have more options when it comes to home decorating.

If you are interested to know more about their products, please visit their website. They have so much more awesome products offered online that are not available in their store, so check them out.

Their store address is: 2112 N Clybourn Ave
                                      Chicago, Il 60610

I hope to do a regular feature of The Inside Scoop on this blog. What do you think? Do you like this special feature? Please let me know in the comments section below. I hope everyone enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. Yes I love this Jessie! I really wish this store was around my area, but now I have some great ideas for styles to be looking for, especially for my side table!

  2. You can always shop online, Brooke! :) Can't wait to see your new tables and how everything comes together!


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