Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's in a name?

Welcome to my blog. I got inspired to start this blog after stumbling upon many beautiful and stylish design related blogs. It is very inspiring and makes me want to transform my ordinary living space into a very happy, comfortable and chic space where I can unwind and have a peace of mind. Hopefully with my sharing and discovering of chic spaces and cool objects, it will inspire, bring joy and excitement to you, too.

So yesterday, I got so motivated about this little blogging project and begun to come up with many, many names for this blog which includes but not limited to 'the flair factor', 'inspired casa', 'interior motives', 'create and decorate' just to name a few but unfortunately, the good ones were always taken. Isn't that always the case?

Anyway, since I was still highly motivated, I ended up coming up with more names and in just less than 2 hours, I managed to come up with another 60-70 contenders, believe it or not. After narrowing down the name options, I came up with 'mix and chic'. I love this name because it is fun, catchy, easy to remember and it suits my blog content to a T.

I coined my blog 'Mix and Chic' because it sounds like Mix and Shake, pun intended obviously, with good and fun reasons. 'Mix' -In today's world of home decor, commonly mixing furniture with different styles and time periods are inevitable considering people are constantly exposed to global trends and cultures through frequent travelling, diverse population in every parts of the world and of course, through the internet. Besides, mixing and blending unexpected objects and furnishings in a home makes a space feels fresher, less boring or serious, thus injecting the home with loads of fun, personality and character!

Not forgetting why I chose another word- 'Chic', which is one of the most overused term and kind of a cliche in the design world but this humble little word is essential to sum up the content of this blog. I mean, how else can I sum up good taste, stylish and elegant in only a four-letter word?

So, let's Mix ( it Well ) and Chic ( it Up), people and have some fun in your decorating! Remember, there's no right or wrong in decorating. It's just an expression of the mind and spirit and a matter of different design choices for different individuals.

Hope you will have fun following along!

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  1. Jesse, I had to go back and go to your first posting to see where it all started! I want to tell you that you have one of my favorite blogs and you truly inspire me! I need to get better at posting more often like you do. Happy blogging and much success my dear!



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