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How to get modern landscaping on a budget!

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There is no denying that the clean lines used in modern architecture and design are appealing, especially when they appear in the great outdoors. Modern landscaping is marked by its emphasis on strong graphic elements that impose themselves on the natural spaces; clean, structured hardscaping dominates in the form of stone, concrete and wood, and flora and fauna fill in the cracks. It feels fresh, is functional and ensures a high property value for years to come.

However, just as creating a modern interior is not easy and breezy, landscaping a modern design outside can cost a pretty penny. If you want a modern look to your landscaping without a modern price tag, read on for some helpful tips and tricks.

Understand The Tenets Of The Trend

In truth, modern is one of the easiest styles to master on a budget. That is because the fundamentals of the trend lend themselves to the cost-conscious DIYer. Still, it does not take much effort to get off-trend and into an unattractive mish-mash of styles, so before you do anything to your landscape, you should know these modernism rules backwards and forwards:

Clearly defined spaces. There should be a delineated difference between the area used for entertaining, any pathways around the yard, the kid’s play space, flower boxes and vegetation regions and any other area. This usually entails relying heavily on borders and frames, but you can achieve a similar feel with different materials, like a gravel space, a grass space, a concrete space and more.

Use of hardscaping. Modern yards do not lack greenery altogether, but they certainly are not wild and untamed forests. Instead, your yard should largely be hardscaped, which serves several functions that contribute to a more modern look and feel. For one, hardscaped features tend to be more geometric; for another, they look less cluttered and ensure lower maintenance responsibilities. For hardscaping, think natural materials like stone and wood as opposed to plastic.

Striking and well-maintained plant life. The flora that does occur in your outdoor space should be remarkable and impeccably maintained. Instead of picking up expected blooms from your local plant nursery, you should opt for somewhat outlandish greenery, like succulents and cacti. You should try to group similar types of plants together, perhaps in tiers. Then, if you do install a lawn, you need to be meticulous about fertilization, aeration and other oft-overlooked tasks that keep it healthy and green.

Artistic features. Modernism is not just a design style; it is an entire genre of art. Thus, you should drive home your modern landscape with a few key artistic touches. These might be functional, like statement planters or fireplaces, or they might simply add décor, like modern lawn ornaments.

Be Crafty

While you could pay a professional landscape designer and contractor to give your yard the modern feel you crave, it is much more budget-friendly to do most of the work yourself. Thankfully, because modern landscaping is simple and sparse, you can DIY a great deal of it. Here are a few projects to get you started:

Grass tiles. You can arrange concrete tiles and sod to make a geometric pattern with your lawn. You can conform to a grid pattern or blur the lines between natural and manmade. This allows you to enjoy a lawn but also create a work of art from your landscape.

Stone tiles. If you do not want the hassle of grass, you can cover your yard in gravel and install stone tiles of varying sizes and colors. You should try to create geometric interest, though that does not have to mean symmetry or perfect balance. In fact, asymmetry is common in modern design. If all that tile is outside your budget, you can also create a similar look by pouring quick-mix concrete into small blocks around your yard.

Upcycled planters. You can create stylish and striking planters in a variety of ways. For one, you could make molds for concrete planters using items you already have around your home. For another, you can purchase inexpensive or clearance planters from a home décor or home improvement store and paint them in bright, modern colors.

Upcycled hardscaping. You should not shy away from unconventional materials when designing the hardscaping of your yard. Corrugated steel, wood scraps and other found objects integrate well into a modern design, especially in fences and patios. You can also use these materials to make art objects to decorate the yard.

When executed well, modern landscaping will remain attractive and in-style for eternity. If you can cut costs without cutting corners, you will end up with a modern yard that you love and love to show off.

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