Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Modern Aesthetic: Statement Ceilings!

This post is provided by Samantha Waites.

The world of interior design is one that is as dynamic as the direction of the winds. There are so many aspects to handle in interior design, and at times, one’s creativity can easily peak in the same way that a writer hits the dreaded writer’s block.

If you have hit that plateau, as I have many times, the solution is actually rather simple- think out of the box. What is one perspective that you have not considered yet?

Too often we focus on walls, how the furniture is arranged, and how the colors are gracefully coordinated with one another. We do not give ceilings enough attention, and even when we do, the importance of a new and modern aesthetic is often overlooked.

Today, take the chance to overcome your plateau, so that you can experience the elevation of witnessing your vision materialize before your eyes. And no, there is no need to mimic the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. These are rather simple tweaks that you can definitely adopt for your home.

Here are some sleek ideas on how you can add some pop to your interior ceilings:

Play With Colors

Contrasting your ceiling with that of white elements in the surrounding area is a surefire way to add pop to your interiors. Add in some furniture that is also the same color, or a slightly different shade, and you have got a nice, mellow, design that is not only clean, but also gently playful. 

Incorporate Different Materials

This is a rather permanent design that will require that you coordinate your plans with properly-licensed roofing contractors. This is because of the multiple layers that you are going to have to put together. It is a similar concept to layering in fashion. 

Because of the relative complexity of the project, you are going to need roofers who are reliable, keen with details, and of course, very skilled. Choose a quality roofing company that has a ton of reviews that can be checked, such as Westchase Roofing. It is also important to note that your materials are entirely up to you. The more diverse the materials, the more striking the final effect. 

White Ceiling, Neutral-Colored Walls

This is the exact opposite of our first example and it gives you the illusion that your ceiling is actually higher. Neutral shades create that clean, modern aesthetic that has been incredibly popular as of late. The more contrast you add to the color of the walls, the more defined the illusion of a higher ceiling is going to be. Do not overdo it, though.

Change Up Your Finish

Another sure way of driving a statement with your ceiling is not only by adding color to it, but also by experimenting with the different types of finishes. You can try a variety of finishes like gloss, matte, pearlescent, and iridescent. The varieties are plentiful, especially when you realize that you have so many combinations of colors and finishes that will easily make for an interesting design choice. Mix and match as you please.

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