Thursday, May 10, 2018

Four Ways To Greenify Your Bedroom Design!

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So, you have decided you want to be more eco-conscious in your home, and now it is time to renovate your bedroom with a greener approach. Figuring out where to start when you have never done anything like this before can be difficult, but with a bit of research you should have no problem coming up with new additions that are in line with your goals and principles. With that said, here are four things you can do to add flair and cleanliness to any bedroom.

Organic Bedding

The bedding is often overlooked during bedroom design, but if you are wanting to go full green it would be best to opt for organic bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases. Conventional bedding is typically made in a factory using all sorts of potentially harmful chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but are also not ideal for skin contact on a regular basis. Furthermore, when you shake up the bedding, all of those fibers and chemicals are released into the air, creating allergens and airborne toxins that are not present in organic bedding sets. Fortunately, popular brands like SOL Organics have extensive catalogs of all kinds of bedding made from fully organic and eco-friendly materials.

House Plants

What better way to go green than to add some actual greenery to your surroundings? Plants not only give your bedroom a more natural appearance, they also provide the benefit of releasing fresh oxygen and aromas into the air, which can make a for a more airy and fresh feeling overall. Of course, they also add an extra artistic touch that simply can not be matched by plastic plants or paintings.  

Motion Sensor Lighting

A great way to save on your energy bill and reduce your bedroom's carbon footprint is to install motion sensor activated lighting that only turns on when someone enters the room and turns off automatically when you leave. Likewise, you may want to opt for dimmable lighting fixtures to avoid using the full blub wattage during evening times when stronger lighting is not needed.

More Sunlight

In addition to using motion sensors and dimmable lighting, another way to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting is to let more natural sunlight into your bedroom through the addition or expansion of windows or sky lights. Using partially translucent curtains- those that let light in but do not let light out- is a good way to boost natural room lighting without compromising privacy.

It All Adds Up To Eco-Friendly Style And Comfort!

Many people associate environmental consciousness with hippies and rustic living spaces, but in reality, there are many modern home designers who have begun to specialize in organic and clean interior design. As a result, it is now easier than ever to find wholesome components and additions regardless of the theme or style you are going for. Ultimately, all of the above improvements can be done in the course of a weekend and once you have finished you will be glad that your bedroom is clean, energy efficient, and tailored to your ethics and preferences.

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