Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lacquered vs Oiled Wood Flooring!

This post is provided by Ben Duke.

Lacquered vs Oiled is one of the biggest debates and wars that goes on in the flooring world. First we will start with a bit of information, and to answer what I imagine is a question going through your heads right now, what exactly are lacquered and oiled finishes?

Lacquered comes with a high gloss and matt finish, and the lacquer that is applied is a type of varnish used as a protection. Oiled comes with more of a vintage finish, and is far more old fashioned, and finished with a hardwax. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages which we will break down for you now.



Lacquered is incredibly water resistant, so spillages can be very easily cleaned up before permanent damage is caused. Excessive exposure to moisture can cause your floor to curl so you have got to be cautious of the amount of water spilled, but generally it is far more water resistant than oiled. 

It is also good for rooms with heavy footfall, and has good resistance to high levels of traffic and is probably the toughest finish around.


It can be very easily scuffed or scratched, so if you are worried about the appearance of scratches then this may not be the best finish for you. So if used in hallways it is advised to invest in a door mat!

Resanding can be an issue, if small scratches are an issue the whole floor will need resanding and refinishing!



One of the main advantages of oiled is its durability. The protection is not just on the surface, it runs deep to the core. It is more sustainable than lacquered, and is far easier to resand and refinish. It is also anti static meaning that dust and dirt would not attach itself, and is easy to clean up. 

Due to the nature of the finish, the wood is allowed to breath, and it is perfect for areas of high traffic and heavy footfall.


Although the protection is one of its benefits, it does take a lot of maintenance. It has very little, if any water resistance, so spillages will need to be cleaned up quickly to avoid damage to the flooring. The anti static nature of the flooring can be problematic for pet owners, as it can see your pets sliding all over the floor! 

There is no right or wrong answer with this debate, as both have pros and cons. We hope our guide has helped you to make your final decision!

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