Thursday, September 7, 2017

5 Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces to Create!

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Create a gorgeous outdoor space to add to your home's appeal and comfort. Outdoor spaces are convenient ways to extend your floor space for entertaining and relaxing without the cost of adding rooms to your home. Although every home is different, almost every home can have at least one type of outdoor space, be that a patio, a sunroom, or a veranda. Find out how to use what you already have, such as a shed or a porch, to create the outdoor space of your dreams.

A Spacious Patio

Patios are easier to install and maintain than decks, making them popular backyard outdoor spaces. A patio offers a paved surface where you can place your grill and your outdoor furniture. Add a pergola for shade and protection that does not take away from the outdoor air. Adorn your patio space with potted plants, a table and chairs for eating, and tiki torches. Try putting up white string lights to create a fairy-tale glow when the sun goes down.

A Sparkling Sunroom

An enclosed sunroom attached to your home's HVAC system is a house blessing. With it, you choose how much of the outdoors you want to experience. Open the windows and let the breezes in during the spring and fall. Shut the windows for a temperature-controlled environment during the summer and winter. Try decorating your sunroom with an ocean theme, using light colors such as blue, tan, and turquoise.

A Three-Season Room

Three-season rooms are sunrooms or enclosed porches that do not connect to your home's HVAC system and do not have insulation. These rooms allow you to feel the seasons as they pass; the only season this room can not be used is during the winter. A great three-season room often has roll shades, indoor and outdoor furniture, and a table for entertaining. Decorate the room with potted plants and artwork that can handle being outdoors, such as glass vases or sculptures.

An Enviable 'She-Shed'

If your husband gets a man cave, then show him up with an ultra-comfortable "she-shed." This outdoor space celebrates everything feminine inside an unattached shed. Adorn your she-shed with curtains, comfortable outdoor furniture complete with pillows, and plenty of battery-operated candles. If you have an electrical connection, consider a mini-fridge and a coffee maker for times when you invite your girlfriends over for an evening.

A Lengthy Veranda

Verandas are types of porches level with the ground and attached to the side of the house. Part of the roof extends over the veranda as shade. Open up your veranda space by using columns to hold up the roof instead of railings between the flooring and the grass. A few rocking chairs, some end tables, and a porch swing will make your veranda into a calm space for your family to gather during the evening.

Outdoor spaces are perfect for entertaining guests, celebrating holidays, and relaxing alone with a good book. Decor can be minimal, as long as the decorations follow a theme and make you happy. Enjoy the open air, nature's sounds, and the foliage of each season from your outdoor space.

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