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Why You Should Get Freestanding Shower Enclosure!

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Whether you are building or renovating your home, there is nothing like having a good bath which means having the best freestanding shower enclosure in your home. Having the best shower stall will definitely save you time and money.

Freestanding shower enclosure differs by size, material, construction and configuration. You can choose between having a custom shower which is built in and surfaced with tiles or any other waterproof material or you can get the prefabricated shower which is installed as a unit. If you are doing a remodel on your house and are on a tight budget it is advisable to get the prefabricated model of a shower. However, if you are on a generous budget and are building a new home you have a variety to choose from beginning with a custom shower.

Over the years freestanding shower enclosure have been improved to meet the aesthetical design needs and functions of the users. There are plenty of shower enclosures in the market for you to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming and confusing when it comes to making a pick. We shall look at a few pointers that can help you make the best selection on shower enclosures.

Defining Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are made using acrylic or fiberglass. It is an assembled shower cubicle that can be easily installed into your home. There are basically two types of freestanding shower enclosure: the multiple pieces shower stall and the one piece shower stall. One piece freestanding shower enclosure are generally used for room extensions or new homes. The multi-piece on the other hand is mostly used on houses that are being renovated or remodeled. It would be difficult to get the one piece shower stall into an already built home.

The shower stall comes with all that you would need for your shower from the floor to side panels and at times a bathtub or shower doors. Some shower kits however are sold as three pieces; having the front frame, shower base and the wall set. To install the kit, the given instructions should be followed. Freestanding shower enclosure are generally installed using screws, adhesive glue, bathroom sealant caulk and clips.

Advantages of Shower Enclosures

Easy installation: It is easy to install compared to building your own tiled shower. Shower enclosures will save you the hassle of having to buy materials and the labor costs that come with building your own shower.

Cost effective: Considering that this is an easy installation shower stall, the costs that you incur are minimized. You can always get a professional to help you with the installation which is way cheaper compared to getting a professional tiler to build your shower from the ground.

Cleaning is easy: A shower stall is very easy to clean because there is no tile grout and there are very few seals.

Quick installation: It is less messy, there is no grout work and you do not have to wait for any tile adhesive to settle and dry and there are no tiles cut which makes it very fast to install.

Ideal for small bathrooms: There are compact designs that work well in small bathroom corners. The shower kit will make efficient use of the available space in your bathroom.

It is light: A shower stall that is light in weight is ideal for houses with weaker joists as well as a 2nd floor bathroom. If you intend on having a hefty tiled shower, be sure to have excellent solid flooring.

You can fix it yourself: Since it is easy and quick to install, you can easily fix the shower stall yourself. A shower stall allows room for mistakes, so no worries. You can always get replacement parts at an affordable price if you mess up with any of the parts.

Minimal chances of cracking: Houses tend to move depending on the degree of reaction of the ground soil and also depending on the strength of your foundation. A fiberglass shower floor allows your shower to be flexible to any movement rather than leaking or cracking. 

Factors to consider when selecting shower enclosures

Bathroom space: It is important to know how much space you have in your bathroom so that you are able to know if what you need are Corner Shower Enclosures, or regular shower enclosures. Take into account the height and room available.

Wall and positioning: Consider the position where the freestanding shower enclosure will be placed. Will it be in an enclosed area, at the centre of the wall or will it be the corner.

Glass type: Always remember that if you select thicker glass you might need extra support due to the weight. Protected glass is also good for safety measures.

Tray: You can either get Shower enclosures that either come with a tray or not.  A shower enclosure that has a tray reduces the possibility of leakage. Remember to consider the tray and door size.

Freestanding shower enclosure are ideal since they will save you money, time and a whole lot of other expenses. They are very convenient and they always make use of whatever space you have available. Corner shower enclosures will work best at that corner space you have no idea what to do with. This is simply a DIY installation but if you prefer you can always get a professional to do the work.

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