Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to get started on a bathroom remodel!

Think of the many rooms of the house you spend time in. The kitchen, living room and bedroom come to mind but what about the all- essential bathroom you use many times a day?
A bathroom renovation will run through your mind when you are considering selling the place or you are fed-up with the outdated design (you know the type: 80s burgundy with yellow backsplash). Remodeling a bathroom is one of the easier projects you may undertake due to the size.
Through this article, you will learn what to do before a bathroom renovation.
Let us get started.
Bathroom Renovations: A Short-and-Sweet Checklist
No longer do you need to grit your teeth and accept the design that came with the home. The bathroom is becoming a chic location to show off unique designs and flair. Look at these inspirations in bathroom design to see what is possible with a remodel.
Stellar, aren’t they?
These bathroom renovations are not a fluke- it is a combination planning and hard work. Here are some of the items you will want to check off before renovating your bathroom(s) and along the way:
1. BudgetBathroom remodeling can be quite expensive so it is good to start off with a budget that fits within your financial means (while considering the return on investment).
2. Time- Certain projects may take days while others weeks. How long are you willing to go without using the bathroom during this time?
3. Design- Are you certain on the design? Not in your head but visualizing it. Tools and a bathroom remodeling photo gallery can help you solidify the decision before cutting the check and making a costly mistake.
4. Problematic Items- If the contractor were to open the wall and find water damage then would you be ready to pay the costs to have it fixed?
5. Functionality- Consider how the new tile, paint, vanities, shower, and tub may fit into the usage for you and the family. It may look nice but if it is hard to use then what good does it have to the room?
6. Contractor- Plenty of individuals will jump over a bathroom remodeling job due to the price. It is important to ask if they are qualified, insured, and they are willing to provide examples of their previous work to know if they are worth the price.
7. Fixtures, Features, Storage, and Flooring- The design will help dictate the items you choose for the bathroom. Yet, ask whether they are practical, within budget, and have a timeless look which will take you into the next decade.
8. Lighting- Is essential to avoid dangers since the flooring may be damp or wet. Lighting, too, can change the appearance of the room especially when it is natural. Do not skimp on lighting as part of the budget for a unique design if you are not able to see its true beauty.
9. Ventilation- A lack of ventilation can cause mildew and mold. These two items could even cause health problems. Verify that your contractor installs the proper vents. Also that they are using the right materials (like paint) that would not cause further problems.
10. Accessorize- Give it a personal flair with accessories that define you and the family!
Bathroom renovations can cost over $9,000 as a median ($2,600 on the low end, $20,000+ on the high). Yet, a bathroom renovation can add upwards of 15% of value.
A bathroom renovation may soon be on your list of things-to-do considering the amount of time you spend in the area and the value it adds to your home. A great design to the bathroom, much like other popular areas such as the kitchen, can tie the place together.
Now you know what it takes to get the job done. Good luck to those who take on the renovation!

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