Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Luxury Condos Are Better Than Luxury Mansions!

If you want your home to be beautiful, chic and stylish then you first need to lay focus on the canvas which type are you going to be using, or in this case, which kind of luxury pad you will decide upon. But which is the best kind of luxury pad for you to create beautiful and artistic decor? A luxury condo or a luxury mansion. For us there is simply no choice and we would pick the luxury condo all day long, at least from a style point of view and here are just a few reasons why.

Size Is Not Everything

Nine times from ten, a luxury condo will give you far less space than a mansion and in our opinion this is actually a benefit in the style stakes. If you had a luxury mansion with say 10-bedrooms, then you are probably looking at a house with around 18-20 rooms altogether. The effort, money and work that goes in to creating something beautiful in each of these rooms would be incredible. In your efforts to create identities and concepts for each of these rooms, you could end up losing quality and actually diluting the overall style of the house. With a luxury condo it is far easier to create a conceptual style which runs throughout the property thanks to less, yet more creative space. 

Location, Location, Location

Such are the nature of mansions, they are often built out of town, in large and spacious locations, this is fine if you are looking to live out your years in peace or are happy to be relatively disconnected from the buzz of the city center, but that just isn’t us. Luxury condos are usually designed in the most beautiful spots of the city or town that they are built in. If you were to look for luxury condos for sale in Miami then you can bet your bottom dollar that they are in the heart of the city or at the water’s edge. Having the city on your doorstep is a far more favorable option for us than jumping in the car each time we want to get into town. 

Stronger Profits

Over the last 5 years, luxury condos have seen a huge leap in sales in the US, far more so than mansions and as such, the cost is continuing to rise. As cities reach their limits they are building up rather than out and now is a great time to buy a luxury condo if you want to see some yield in the future. Luxury condos are also far easier to rent out that mansions if you were looking to use the condo as a property rather than a home.

As with all decisions such as these, it comes down to personal choice and which property works best for you and your lifestyle. From a style perspective at least, we believe that the only choice between these two luxury properties, is the luxury condo.

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  1. Love the contrast and break down you did of a luxury condo and luxury mansion Jessie.


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