Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book review- Ladurée Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living!

Thanks again to Meghan Phillips from Vendome Press for sending me another lovely book, Ladurée Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living. In Ladurée Savoir Vivre: The Art of Fine Living, author Maud Hacker offers the ultimate guide to knowing how to live well, the French way. 

Best of all, this gorgeous book is nestled in an irresistible box, packed just like Ladurée’s delectable confections! 

Needless to say, I was truly delighted upon seeing the beautiful book and the pretty box the very first time. The pages inside the book is equally delightful as well. Let's take a look! 

This 303-pages, beautifully illustrated book offers practical tips and inspiration on varied topics as how to prepare and have breakfast the Ladurée way, how to be a good host and a good guest, what is the best way to dress for the theater, and how to prepare your suitcase to travel with the jet set. 

To help you navigate each topic easily, it is divided into five sections: “In the Morning: A Gentle Awakening", “During the Day: How to fit it all in while having a ball", “In the Evening: Ending the Day on the Right Note”, “At the Weekend: Make the Most of Friends” and “Travelling: Setting out Stress-free”.

Sprinkled with fun quotes, countless advice, helpful tips, menus and table settings, this book is the ultimate guide to learning how to live well (savoir vivre). You will also find plenty of useful sources to help you accomplish the art of fine living in this adorable-sized book. 

Perfect for gift-giving, this light-hearted and entertaining book is a gift the fabulous ladies in your life will surely appreciate!

Don't forget to get your own copy here!
*I received  this book to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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  1. Jessie this book is beautifully merchandised and illustrated! The Best I've ever seen! Thank you again for sharing.


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