Thursday, May 19, 2016

Affordable Antiques: How to Create a Vintage Look on a Budget!

This post is provided by Anna Gillespie.

Whether your perfect style is country home, shabby chic or even a touch of eclectic, there is no doubt about it that antiques and vintage accessories have seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years. This rising trend sees no signs of slowing down but the question is how can we incorporate a vintage look into our homes on a budget?

Combine Old With New

By combining the old with the new, you will create a wonderful traditional feel without making it overbearing. By adding just one antique item to an otherwise modern room, you are allowing your antique to become a focal point and really shine. Buying one antique item will really help the purse strings too! For example, choose a statement piece like an antique chair alongside a contemporary sofa to use as an accent piece to the room or a vintage dresser in a glam, romantic bedroom. 

Rug it Out

An antique rug can instantly rejuvenate a room and ground the room without making it look too much. It can also add some much needed color into a dull room and will ensure your feet do not get cold in winter! 

Give it a Lick of Paint

If you are trying to incorporate a vintage item into your modern décor, simply update with a brand new lick of paint. If you are feeling brave go for something intense like fuchsia pink or lemon yellow but remember to balance this against more neutral color.

Fake it Till You Make it

If all else fails, choose items that look vintage but may not necessarily be vintage. For example, a well made bespoke sofa which has been manufactured to your exact standards in a style and fabric of your choice may be just beneficial to the look of a room as an antique which you have no say over.

For example, classic Chesterfield sofas have a real vintage feel with a distinctive deep-buttoned and quilted leather upholstery. Popular with the gentleman's clubs of yesteryear, these sofas can be made in a range of fabrics nowadays including a very regal Harris Tweed. For those on a serious budget, add some vintage-looking frames or a vintage clock on the wall to create a traditional feel.

Want vintage in the bedroom? Whitewash your current furniture to introduce a shabby chic, French-style with delicately painted floorboards and dainty soft furnishings. 

How do you achieve a vintage look in your home? And how did you do it on a budget? 

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