Thursday, April 28, 2016

Interior or exterior window shading - Which will it be?

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Purchasing new window treatments is a major home upgrade and hefty investment, certainly not the kind of decision you make every day. With so many window shading options available, how do you choose?

Exterior window shading- specifically, exterior rolling shutters and retractable solar screens- is the best choice if you want to strategically add value to your home and save money on energy bills while keeping it cool and clean.

Unmatched Cooling Power

When it comes to blocking the sun’s heat, outdoor shading products are more efficient in keeping your house cool than interior options. Exterior rolling shutters block the heat outside the house and retractable solar screens absorb the heat- but either way, heat is reduced before it reaches your home’s interior. That’s because exterior shades are installed away from the glass, allowing solar radiation to rise and dissipate into the air before it has time to warm the glass.

Interior blinds, on the other hand, block light but trap the sun’s heat inside the house. In the same way a convection oven circulates hot air to cook your food, the heated air trapped between the window shades and the glass rises, pulling cool air from the floor towards the ceiling. Instead of blowing away in the wind, the heated air cycles back around, making the room warmer and warmer.

The difference is significant; exterior window shades can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows. Conversely, you can retract them in the winter to let solar heat warm your home’s interior.

Saves Energy

Rolling shutters and solar screens can be applied to any glass window or door to reduce the sun’s glare and excessive heat. When your house is cooler, you run the air conditioner less, which reduces energy consumption. Who does not want to lower their utility bill? And if you really want to save energy, you can upgrade to solar powered motorized rolling shutters and solar screens.


Unlike rolling shutters, solar screens are semi-transparent; they block harmful UV rays, but not the view. So you can still enjoy watching the sunset, but without frying. Solar screens block 90% of the sun’s UV rays, which protects your skin, furniture and floors and lets you reclaim living areas lost to bright light and excessive heat.

Less Cleaning

Hate to dust? Blinds and drapes accumulate dust and dirt inside the house which require constant cleaning. With rolling shutters and solar screens installed outside your home, you will have a much cleaner environment inside the house. When not in use, they roll up neatly into an inconspicuous metal enclosure, keeping them clean and protecting them from the elements.

Interested in Exterior Shutters or Solar Screens?

European Rolling Shutters in San Jose, CA is the Bay Area’s exterior shading expert offering a range of energy-saving products customized to fit your home, including retractable awnings and pergola covers.

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