Thursday, December 24, 2015

Guest post- Hand Care Essentials for DIYer’s!

Oh DIY. The satisfaction of creating something crafty, chic, and beautiful all on your own is undoubtedly rewarding. But so often, amongst the exiting results we are also left with tried, dry hands. If you notice this trend, know that you are not alone, and that there are some fabulous habits you can participate in to avoid the post-project dryness.

Essential 1 – Prevention is Key! 

The best way to beat dehydrated hands is to prevent them in the first place. So of course, a nourishing hand cream will be necessary. Make it a goal to start your project with moisturized hands, and be sure to reapply your moisturizer after hand washing or during the breaks in your project. Lollia, created by amazing designer Margot Elena has a fabulous variety of shea butter hand creams that looking, feel, and smell absolutely amazing.

Essential 2 – Keep Them Covered!

If you are working with any materials that could possibly wick the moisture away from your skin (paper, cardboard, and certain woods are especially good at this), simply insert a barrier between your hands and the material. I am talking about wearing gloves, so long as it does not hinder your project! Wearing gloves might also protect you from any potential irritants or chemicals that may cause you to wash your hands more frequently, which is yet another common culprit of dryness.

Essential 3 – Give Yourself a Treat!

At the end of a long day, do not be afraid to spoil your hands a bit. If your hands are dry, but in pretty good shape (i.e. not irritated), treating yourself to a nourishing sugar scrub can be a very good idea. This will eliminate dead skin cells while infusing moisture into the skin, and prepping your hands to better absorb and product you slather on following your scrub treatment.

For intense moisture, apply your favorite product on your hands, and cover with cotton gloves for the night or evening. This will help to lock the moisture into your skin. Lastly, if you find your hands are both dry, and uncomfortable, look for treatments that are specifically designed for this occasion. It is important to remember that even your most agreeable products might cause excess irritation when applied to skin that is broken or inflamed.

Essential 4 – Do Not Be Afraid to DIY Hack It!

If you are a DIYer, odds are you are an avid lover of Pinterest. If at the end of a long craft day you notice your hands are dry and uncomfortable, and you do not have any hand cream “on hand”, do not be afraid to search up a fun DIY at-home recipe. You can enjoy this by yourself, or turn it into a fun event the entire family can enjoy. As always, exercise caution and use judgment when putting together at-home treatments.

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