Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest post- Simple Tips For Creating The Minimalist Look In Your Home!

When it comes to decorating your house, it is sometimes a case of less is more. It is easy to assume that you need to decorate your home extensively in order to make it perfect, but that is not the case at all. At the moment home style trends are leaning towards minimalistic looks. This means simple rooms, basic colors, no clutter, simple shelf and storage designs and plenty of space. The great thing about this trend is that it is easy to create and often affordable to arrange, which is great news for people wanting to decorate their  home on a budget. So, if you want to turn your home into a minimalistic haven, what should you be doing?

One Step At A Time

For starters it is important to not rush things. Not only will you find it easier to manage your budget if you take things slowly, but it gives you more time to think about the type of rooms you would like to create. Taking it a room at a time is a great way of achieving this. You also get the added benefit that your whole home is not  thrown into chaos when it comes to decorating, but the rest of your home is kept decorating chaos free.

Even once you have decided on the room you are going to start with, take it a step at a time. Start by choosing a piece or two of furniture that you would like in the room. You can then start to style and decorate the rest of the room to match this. By choosing your furniture first you get a solid starting point and this can make creating the room of your dreams a much simpler process.

Declutter Rooms First

Before you can style any more in a minimalistic way, you need to create the right foundations. For example, there is little point trying to create a minimal style room if it is full of clutter and items that you do not need. Before you even think about restyling the room you should make sure you have a good clear out. Have a think about items that you do not need anymore and what items you can get rid of. Also look at better storage options so that what items you do have are at least stored safely out of the way.

Getting Ready For Decorating

When you are ready to start creating the minimalist look in a room you need to start getting the room ready. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that the room is as empty as possible. This is made much easier by doing one room at a time, because you have the rest of  the house to store items in temporarily.

Style And Designs

You need to give some thought to the style of the room you are decorating and what color schemes you are going to choose. You are going to want to make sure that you have simple colors and decorations to go with this.

However, one important factor to take into account is that simple does not mean boring. You can easily go for simple artwork designs that can decorate the walls. This helps to brighten up a room a little but helps  you to keep up with the minimalistic style of the room. Solid wall colors are recommended, so breaking this up with art work can help to finish a room perfectly.  Also go for items such as glass shelf brackets and interesting furniture pieces, to help the room look and feel unique.

The Finishing Touches

When you are completing a simple room, you need to make sure that the finishing touches complete this in matching with the rest of your room. Many people choose blinds over curtains as they have a much simpler look about them. There are so many different types of blinds out there, so whatever type of window dressing you are looking for there should be something to match.

Pops Of Color

Just because your room is simple that does not mean you can not have a splash of color. The minimalist look definitely allows for some pops of color in the right place. For example, you could have some bright coloured cushions or a patterned rug. These are great ways to add colour without changing the look and feel of the room.

Although what you will end up with is a simple and minimalistic room, it is not always simple to create. You need to forward plan and make sure you have some design ideas in mind. That way when it comes to making your room perfect, you have a plan in place and can easily make it happen. 

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