Thursday, July 10, 2014

Guest post- Top 5 Chic Living Room Trends for 2014!

This post is provided by Michael Butterfield.

Interior design can be varied, expensive and incredibly stressful. However, it can also be fun, creative and the amount you spend is completely up to you –the difficulty lies in finding a trend which can benefit each individual home without the need to constantly redecorate. 

We have compiled a list of five of the most popular living room trends taking 2014 by storm that are effective, innovative and long-lasting – as well as a few tips on saving money.

The Traveler's Lounge

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or not, a living space inspired by exotic destinations such as Morocco, India and Australia is a must have this year. Color blocking has been trending in both fashion and interior design for some time, but why not think a little bigger with regards to patterns and colors? 

Clashing cultures and contrasting colors have inspired Wilhelmina McCarroll to design the Digital Nomad color scheme for one of Dulux’s 2014 trends. Travel overseas in your home and celebrate a collision of color with Moroccan lanterns, tribal collectives from Australia and gorgeous Indian inspired fabrics.

Tip: Buy just a couple of brightly colored tester pots and paint a few patterned stencils onto your living room walls.

Back in Blue

If you are not a fan of the color clashing technique, find something more suited to you in blue. From luxury in navy to the fresh feel of turquoise, blue is most definitely in style this year. 

For most of us, navy appears to be a very daunting color for our living spaces, but implementing navy furnishings such as cushions or ornaments to a living room can add a sense of indulgence. Dark navy walls can be a dramatic backdrop for any color accessories.

A deep and saturated turquoise can brighten up your living room and can be paired with white and pale woods for a more tranquil and elegant feel.

Lighter Colored Woods

Lighter colored woods such as oak and walnut are feeling fresh for 2014, says the Editor in Chief of Elle Décor. This can be utilized anywhere in your living room – whether it is in storage cabinets and bookcases or your flooring. A lighter wood can complement a paler color scheme beautifully as well as create great contrast to darker schemes. Whatever your color scheme, a lighter wood can add that natural touch to your living room’s décor.

If you are buying real wood products, it is always important to stick with a specialist who knows what they are talking about. For example, UK-based firm Fab Flooring, specialize in all things flooring and have their own range of real wood flooring. If you are worried about making the right decision, these specialist retailers will be able to advise you on which woods work well with a variety of interior design styles. They can also provide you with that all-important guidance on cleaning and caring for this natural product to ensure longevity.

Upcycling: Rediscover, Not Remodel

Changing the interior of your home can sometimes cost a small fortune, but have you thought of re-loving your own collections? We have all experienced the vintage craze and spent an inordinate amount of time in charity shops, battling for the cutest antique picture frame! However, our homes are filled with our own vintage items which could be spruced up or rearranged to create a whole new look. Trawl through your attic to find your own antiques and redesign with a lick of paint or a deep clean.

Tip: Repurpose your items, such as painting an old step-ladder and transforming it into a bookcase or shelves.

Mad on Metallics

Last year saw homeowners rushing to buy silver and gold shades to fill their homes. However, this year’s trend focuses a little more on warmer and more sophisticated shades such as brass, copper and bronze. 

"Warm metallics work particularly well with dark or neutral schemes where they can look quite Scandinavian, or combined with an industrial aesthetic to create a contrasting ‘rough luxe’ look," says design blogger Katie Treggiden. Warm metallic accessories can certainly add a touch of glamour to our home, whilst maintaining the soft glow of a natural living space.

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