Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stylish Ways to Improve Your Home Security!

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For many of us, we put a lot of TLC in how we decorate our home. Whether it is inspired from the ever-so-loved HGTV or your own idea, you have creatively constructed the ambiance of your home’s design. No doubt about it, you are proud of the way your home looks, so of course you want to protect it. 

Home security is an important facet of everyday living and is something no home should be without. Do not fret, securing your home does not have to get in the way of your artistic ways. Here are four ways to keep your home stylish and chic while simultaneously making it safe and secure.

Window Treatments

A phenomenal set of window panels can really set the tone of a room. In addition, they offer privacy from the outside world. Burglars tend to look about homes that have an open view from the outside so they can see the type of items you have in your home. When you put up blinds you are putting your creative stamp on your home while keeping criminals away from the things you cherish most. Of course since we are in springtime, you will want to enjoy some of that natural light, so getting a great set of blinds with those new panels are a viable option to let in the sun and keep out looky-loos. Talk about form and function; window panels have you covered with style and safety.

Exterior Lights

A well lit home can help deter a lot of criminals. Burglars want to draw the least amount of attention possible, so a low-lit home are night is a preferable target. Protect you and your home by installing lights outside. There are great options for keeping up with your unique style. Motion sensor lights are also a great option as movement activates them. Whenever something or someone moves within the sensor’s area, the lights will turn on shedding light on any unwanted guests. Not to mention, these types of lights are available in many different styles so you can still dress up your home and keep potential trespassers away at the same time.

Alarm System

Having a great alarm system is one of the best forms of defense you can have from a home invader. Of course having wires all around your home can be a bit of a fashion faux pas, but rest assured there is another way. offers the ever-so popular and multi-functional ADT alarm systems. This 24-hour wireless system offers you all day protection that is, you guessed it, discrete. By setting the alarm, if someone tries to enter the house without permission, the alarm activates and there will be an immediate alert to the authorities proving you can still have the style that you want with the protection that you need.


You have the window panels and blinds but you really want to open the blinds and let the light shine in. It is perfect weather so it is understandable that you would want to take advantage. One great way to protect your assets is to get some beautiful cabinetry to store your items. 

Robbers look into your homes to see what type of belongings you have to see if it is worth looting. In case your TV, jewelry, and other valuable possessions in cabinetry that way they are not on display for the whole world. Would-be thieves will get discouraged because they are not able to see what items you have and will move on to another target. If open windows are a must for you, definitely go with some stylish cabinets to get you that added security.

You love your home and have put in a lot of time and money into making it your own. Being a homeowner gives you the ability to create a space just for you. No doubt you have many admirers when it comes to your superb taste. Unfortunately some of those admirers may want to threaten your home environment by taking what does not belong to them. 

Home security should be a priority to protect what you love. Of course, adding preventative measures does not have to dampen your sense of style. You can add security by getting window treatments, exterior lights, an alarm system, and cabinetry. When you take the extra steps in securing your home, you give yourself a peace of mind knowing that burglars will think twice about entering your home. Plus getting kudos from the neighbors on your décor does not hurt either; protecting your home never goes out of style.  

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