Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guest post- ‘Sheet Dreams’ - New linens, new you!

So you have a new bed. You are supported, comfortable, and have the foundations for a perfect night’s sleep. What next?  You could of course stick the same old covers and quilts on; or perhaps, you could look at revamping your entire sleeping experience and treat yourself to some luxurious linen bedding.

When you buy a new bed, it is the perfect time to redress your bed – but how do you choose new sheets? Here are 4 things to consider and research before investing in your ‘new look’ for your new mattress – all contributing to a ‘new’ (completely rested!) you!

#1 How do you like your sheets to feel?

Whether you spend 10 or 100 dollars, the main goal is finding sheets that are comfortable for you. Do you like that crisp fresh feel when you go to bed? Or something a little softer? When you go to the shops ensure you can touch the fabrics available to see what feels ‘right’ for you.  Higher thread counts offer that stiffer/crisp feel, with lower counts offering the softer comforting feel. Which leads us to...

#2 What is a thread count?

In laymen’s terms, a thread count is the number of threads woven together per square inch of fabric. It is displayed on most packages and linens, and can range from 200 to 1,000. The thread count is calculated both width and length ways; so as an example of 250 threads woven each way, you result in a thread count of 500.

A common myth is that a higher thread count means automatically it is a higher quality ‘better’ sheet, however comfort should be your number one priority. You can get quality and sumptuous sheets whatever your price range, and find the right materials and ‘feel’ for you.

#3 How deep is your mattress?

The mattresses of yesteryear used to be standard sized and sprung. Nowadays, they come in all shapes and sizes suited to your personal needs. For example, A Tempur mattress comes with added pillow tops for added comfort, with memory foam mattresses shaping up in a different way to the more traditional variety.

Your ‘bottom sheet’ should fit across your mattress like a drum, and most bottom sheets are now sold in a variety of sizes suited to your mattress. Too big or too small with crinkle and come loose, affecting your sleep in the night.

#4 How tall are you?

It seems an odd consideration, but at the height of both you and your partner is something that should be factored in when replacing linens and duvets. If you are a little on the short side, flat sheets and duvets can be bought in the standard size (double sheet for a double mattress for example). If you are taller, a larger frame, or even just a bit of a duvet hog, opt for the size larger for your bed (king size duvet/sheet for a double bed).

The added space will accommodate all and give you that added comfort – without the need of a tug of war in the middle of the night! Buy sheets and duvet sets separately and opt for the sizes that suit you, rather than the ‘standard’ mix that is often unsuitable for individual sleep requirements. 

Written by Sarah Mitchell. Sarah is a freelance writer with a passion for interior design, mental health and always on the look out for her next challenge.

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