Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guest post: Five ways to decorate on a budget!

This post is brought to you by Amy Shawley.

The prospect of decorating your home can either cause huge problems or produce a feeling of complete satisfaction. It is possible to refurbish a house even if you are on limited financial means, you will just have to employ a little lateral thinking and imagination.

Master plan

If you stick to your budget and your master plan you would not go far wrong. There may be one room that needs total refurbishment so that you should allocate funds for that project. It might prove useful to take a look at every room in the house and see which one could do with a total makeover.

Many people convert their standard bathrooms to hydrovescence spas and after all the hard work on the rest of the house you will certainly appreciate the benefits of this fantastically relaxing room.


The current economic problems faced by many High Street stores could prove to work to your advantage. Recently some famous DIY stores have announced forthcoming closures and this is the time to take advantage of cheap paint, tools and any other products that you will need for redecorating your house.

Soft fabrics

A very simple way to effect a change is to take a look at a room’s soft furnishings. If you have had curtains, why not try some simple blinds, many of which you can make yourself with a kit.

A sofa can prove to be highly expensive but some new cushions can really make all of the difference. It might be time to take some sewing lessons at a local college as this will really cut down on your expenditure and give you a feeling of pride.


A remarkably competitive way of smartening up a kitchen is to simply replace the doors on the existing units. If you are very handy, you can do this yourself. Or just look online or in a local paper to source any deals. Add a lick of paint to the walls and you will have created a totally new room.


It is quite amazing how the addition of some new accessories to any room can give it a new lease of life. Boot fairs are wonderful places for scavenging furniture that can be sanded down, painted and then added as your prized new possession in your dining room or sitting room. A little imagination can go a very long way.

Disclaimer: I have received compensation in return for publishing this article.

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