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Installing Your Own Carpet is Simple With the Right Tools
Installing carpet flooring is a common do-it-yourself project that many people undertake every year. Installing your own carpet is a great way to save money while enjoying a new look to your home flooring. By following a few flooring tips you can easily install your own carpet without shelling out big bucks:

Take Accurate Measurements
When you undertake your new flooring projects, it is imperative that you take accurate floor measurements to determine the size of your floor. Carpet that is not measured correctly for your floor is the main cause of frustration when it comes to installing carpet. While having too much carpet is not a huge problem, being stuck with too little carpeting can cause major headaches. Measure the entire space that you wish to cover, adding a few inches on each side. If you are unsure how to shop for the right sized carpeting, a carpet specialist at your local home improvement store can help you find the right flooring.

Choose the Right Padding
An often overlooked part of the carpet installation process is the padding. The material that rests between the floor and your carpet is essential in protecting your flooring from damage. There are several types of padding that can be used in your carpet installation, from a thin padding for a tighter carpet weave to a thick padding that works best for heavier carpets. As with any project, it is best to consult a professional if you are unsure of what materials to use for your next carpeting project.

Select Your Carpet
Arguably the most fun part of your home improvement project will be selecting the carpet you want to install. There are many types of carpet, and which one you choose is largely a matter of personal preference. Berber carpets feature a tightly coiled weave and are often used in high traffic rooms like living rooms, dining rooms and dens. Plush carpeting is soft and fluffy and often used in areas without much foot traffic. Install plush carpeting in bedrooms, nurseries and closets for a luxurious touch.

In addition to carpets, you can add carpet rugs to rooms for a temporary change in look. Carpet rugs can instantly transform hallways, foyers and entryways. Adding carpet rugs is an inexpensive way to experiment with carpet styles.

If you are unsure of what carpet types will work well for your space, you can get carpet swatches and samples from your local home improvement store. Try out a few and see which one works best in your space. In many cases, a carpet installation expert can assist you in finding carpet that matches your paint colors as well.

Installing your own carpet flooring is an economical way to remodel your home. Carpet installation is one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects that you can undertake. There is no need to hire an entire team of carpet installers to tackle your flooring project. With the right tools, you too can enjoy brand new carpet flooring. Tackle your do it yourself flooring project today.

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  1. I would have never thought of installing carpet as a diy job. It doesn't sound too bad but I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to tackle it though!


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