Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Guest feature at Sadie + Stella!

Today, I am a guest feature at Lindsay and Lindsay's (it's not a typo, this blog is truly authored by two stylish girls with the same name) lovely blog, Sadie + Stella. Their blog is fantastic with lots of gorgeous inspirations, great recipes, fabulous DIYS and more! And they also have a weekly series named "Favorite Room Feature" where they asked talented fellow bloggers to share their favorite rooms on their blog. I feel so honored to be part of this fun series. Please hop over and check out their amazing blog when you get a chance.

Here is a sneak peek of the feature: Favorite Room Feature: Mix And Chic.

Yes, it's my living room. Many of you may have seen my living room pictures on my blog a few times now but I also included a few never before seen pictures. Wondering what those pictures are? Go check out the feature. See you there! Thanks to both girls for having me over!


  1. Stopping by fun to get your room featured on their blog!

  2. I always, always love those paintings above the fireplace. It's a beautiful juxtaposition of chic and rustic when you display them with the stone wall. Genius!


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