Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Right Design For A Bathroom!

Just like the most famous and the best restaurants tend to leave a bad impression with unmaintained bathrooms, you could have a good or bad experience in your home’s bathroom as well. However, you could make those private moments pleasant with the right design and pieces. The best design starts with a goal, and for a bathroom, the first goal for you is to keep it spacious. The second goal is to have enough cabinets and drawers that you can store all the necessary items in them. For a contemporary bathroom, it is better to go to with a spa-like feel which could be created with silvery and aqua-like colors.

Most bathrooms are adorned with natural and soothing colors, but you can always create a contrast with bold colored cabinets. Dark wood cabinets go perfectly with light bathroom tiles. Large mirror over the faucet is in fashion these days. To give a more modern look to the bathroom, try the uniquely designed sink bowls that could be placed on counters like a big bowl. Another new way of making the bathroom modern is by having a flat tub in the ground that looks like a mini-sized swimming pool. Natural or white light is the best for bathrooms.

Another style you should consider is designing your bathroom using a spa theme. The first thing that you need to do is paint the walls with very soothing colors, and no colors could be more soothing than bluish whites, light blues, and greens. Do not spend too much on expensive tiles.

Now you need to create the right effects in the bathroom, and these effects are acquired with the right lighting. Use pillar candles to accentuate the corners or floating ones if you have a bathtub in the bathroom. If you do not like the idea of having candles in the bathroom, go for recessed lighting. Place a rug on the floor and buy one that is thick and soft. Use plush towels and if color choice bothers you, simply go for the white ones. A little greenery would be great and for the best looks, go for a wooden bathtub.

However, you could make your bathroom an outright luxurious and modern one with the new wooden bathroom tubs. Though you can find ones with the old and traditional styles, there are some amazing modern looking wooden bathtubs on the market too. Imagine any style and design and you will find that in the market. 

The great thing about these wooden tubs is their size. You can find them in almost any size and with any desired depth. There are ones with enough depth to let you soak into the water to your chin level. Combining these wooden bathroom bathtubs with the modern faucets is one of the best ways of isolating your bathroom from all that you would have seen anywhere. 

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