Thursday, January 28, 2016

JCPenny's Valentine's Day Look Book 2016 and Keurig® K250 2.0 Compact Brewer review!

Every Valentine's Day, hubby and I would celebrate the special day with a nice dinner, flowers and gift exchanges. This year, I managed to surprise hubby with an early gift, thanks to Alana and William for sending me a sample from the JCPenny's Valentine's Day Look Book 2016!

Such sweet and thoughtful products! Needless to say, I am naturally drawn to the home products such as the fabulous Kalorik Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker, the fantastic Keurig® K250 2.0 Compact Brewer the pretty Chantal® 2-qt. Enamel-on-Steel Vintage Teakettle, the lovely Cake Boss™ 12-Cup Molded Nonstick Cookie Pan-Heart, the charming Nostalgia Electrics™ Coca-Cola® Series Kettle Popcorn Maker and the whimsical Tabletops Unlimited® 5-pc. Popcorn Serving Stoneware Bowl Set

Picking a Valentine's Day sample to surprise my hubby in this case is definitely a no-brainer! The Keurig® K250 2.0 Compact Brewer is an obvious choice because hubby is such a big coffee drinker. I have also noticed that he has been checking out these awesome units in the stores recently so getting one for ourselves is only a matter of time. I have been thinking of gifting my hubby a Keurig brewer for Valentine's Day or in his upcoming birthday so receiving this sample to review is truly a blessing!

One of the best thing about the Keurig® K250 2.0 Compact Brewer is it comes in 8 colors so you can select one that matches your decor and appliances. I picked the white unit to lighten up my not-so-bright kitchen. Here it is!

A sleek, compact and wonderful brewing machine that won't take up a lot of counter space, a perfect size for my small kitchen.

As a bonus, a water filter starter kit, a Keurig descaling solution and these goodies were included with my Keurig brewer.

This brewer comes with a touch-screen LCD to make operation simpler.

There's a removable water reservoir at the back of the brewer to allow easy refilling. Additionally, there's also a water level window that lets you see how much water is available. The drip tray is easily removable to simplify cleaning.

When the water level is low, the LCD display will remind you to refill water.

After the water is refilled, you will see a "Lift to Begin" message, indicating it's ready for you to place your K-cup inside the unit.

Once you have put your K-cup inside, it's time to pick the size of your cup (4oz, 6oz, 8oz or 10oz) and beverage "strength" setting. After you have made your selections, you can start brewing your beverage by clicking on the blinking brew button.

Hubby loves his coffee strong so he selected the strong option. 

Just push the brew button and let the brewing magic begins!

Brewing in action!

Brewing almost complete!

Mission accomplished!

Ta-dah! Hubby's cup of freshly brewed coffee is ready!

My hubby loves his brand new Keurig brewer! Usually, he only limits himself to a cup of joe but I saw him having two cups of coffee over the weekend because the Keurig brewer makes everything so easy and convenient for him.

Because hubby is the sole coffee drinker in our household at the moment, this unit is perfect for brewing a single-serve cup. This coffeemaker is quite efficient, taking less than 3 minutes to heat up the water in the reservoir or brew a cup of great tasting coffee. 

I also like how the sleek and compact design doesn't take up much counter space, ideal for tiny kitchens with limited counter space like mine. By incorporating a smart and user-friendly touch-screen LCD, it takes the operation guesswork out of you with its easy step-by-step instructions. The strength control setting for brewing is a wonderful addition. If you need a cup of hot water, you can activate the process without inserting the k-cup in the machine, which is a plus. 

The only downside of the brewer is it splashes a little on the unit every time you brew a cup of beverage but it can be easily fixed with a quick wipe from a damp paper towel, a minor inconvenience I would say.

Overall, I think this brewer is a brilliant product especially for coffee drinkers leading a fast-paced, busy lifestyle. Easy to set up and clean up, offers great flexibility for your preferred beverage (with over 50 brands and 350+ varieties to choose from), convenient to use and delivers a great tasting coffee (according to hubby), what's not to love about this well-designed coffeemaker? 

*I have received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Are you a Keurig owner too? I would love to know your experience with Keurig brewer!

Don't forget to get your own Keurig brewing unit here! Check out the rest of the products in the look book here.

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  1. I didn't even know they have a look book for V day?! I must check out that cute Keurig, want one for our bedroom!


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