Thursday, March 15, 2012

A client's living room project update!

Remember the online room design giveaway I did during the Christmas holiday last year? One of the winners, Tara from The Silver Lining needed help pulling her living room together. You may read about our collaboration here. She has sent me some pictures of her new purchases and makeover progress.

Here's the picture of her living room when we first started:

Tara wishes to spend as little as possible on this makeover so the pieces I recommended are all budget friendly.

Here's the moodboard I created for her fireplace/ entertainment area:

Tara loves a neutral palette but she is ready to inject some fun colors into the new design. Her walls were just recently painted (refer to the pictures below for actual color) so the wall color has to stay. The same goes to her sofa, curtains and ottoman. She has been looking for a rug for her living room so I send her a list of rugs I think would work in her space.  The area rug will be the starting point for our accent colors in the room. We ended up selecting the Moroccan trellis rug. 

As luck would have it, I found a great 7' 10" x 10' 10" chevron rug for $108 (after a 50% discount) and a few discounted rug from here (update: you can get the rug here, they are having a 50% off discount again:
It isn't made of wool and it is quite thin but for the price and size, it's a good buy. Oh, don't forget to read the reviews, too). I emailed Tara again so she can considered them as well. Guess what? She bought the chevron rug and is thrilled with her purchase. Here is what the rug looks like in her living area.

I really like how the modern chevron rug broke up all the neutral furniture and beige floor in the space. It truly creates a wonderful visual interest with the zig zag pattern. You may read about the details here on Tara's blog.

Tara also bought the four bookcases I suggested and painted the back of the bookcases a beautiful dark blue. I suggested adding a stylish greek key shelf paper on the back of the bookcases or simply painting them a similar color picked up from the rug. Either options, they will still look great, in my opinion. Here is the bookcases, all painted with shelves installed. They look so perfect with the rug, aren't they?

But alas, with all things design related, mishaps happened. The two bookcases on the other side of the fireplace don't fit! Two inches is all it takes for them to fit, what a bummer!

Fortunately, Tara has came up with a solution for her bookcases. You can read about it here.

Oh, Tara also emailed me her new stylish table lamp picture a while ago. The table lamps will be placed on her console table. I think the color and pattern looks great with the new chevron rug and the painted bookcases. What do you think?

Now Tara is looking for some new pillows for her sofa and mirrors for her console table. I can't wait to see everything in its place. I am so excited about this makeover! I will continue to update this makeover project in the future, so stay tuned.

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  1. This looks great! I love that rug, and the table lamp is fabulous! I have that same shade in a yellow color. ;-)

  2. I can't wait to see the whole room finished either Jessie!

  3. It is looking much better! Great job!

  4. I love the lamp...can't wait for the end result, I know it's going to look brilliant x

  5. I love the idea of painting the back of the bookcase, really makes a difference. Look forward to the end result.

    Anastasia at Decor is like butter

  6. Yes! The rug alone does so much to make that room seem fresher and more vibrant. Can't wait to see the end result as well.

  7. Thanks Jessie for your great design and tips for my living room. I'm loving the rug and addition of more color in the room. I'll be so happy when the bookcases are finished and am looking forward to sharing more of the updates with you soon! Have a great weekend!

  8. Her living space is looking great so far. I'm floored you found her a large rug that beautiful for 108 bucks. That is awesome! I can't wait to see the finished project.

  9. Jessie, Where did you find the rug? Great price and style. Cant wait to see the project when it is done! Its looking great!

  10. Jessie you did so well - the room looks fab I adore the chevron rug :)
    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. That is a stunning rug and the lamp ties in beautifully. It is a shame about the bookcases but there are solutions. Sometimes even a half inch can throw off a design where space is tight as in the case with the walls here. Great job, though! I like the painted backs.

  12. The rug and the lamp are so great, love them both!


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