I have always had a passion for home interiors and home decor. When I was as young as five or six years old, I already enjoyed going for home tours (still is) just to look at other people's decor. Whenever I saw something beautiful, in terms of decor or architectural (such as great ambient lighting, a wonderful high ceiling or a fabulous skylight), my heart skipped a bit. At that time, I have no idea what interior design is.

As a child back then, I do not own much toys so. To pass time, besides doing the things I love (like reading and listening to music), I enjoyed creating my own personal "oasis". With some old newspapers, I would spread them on my front lawn and imagined them as a blanket for my outdoor picnic "in a forest" while having my dinner. Using my mom's sofa cushions, I would imagined them as a double sliding door and floor cushions for my little library nook. Ah....childhood memories...

My background... I was born and raised in Ipoh, a small town in Malaysia. After getting my diploma back home, I decided to pursue my degree at Campbell University, North Carolina in the United States. I have always wanted to study abroad to broaden my horizons. In the winter of 2002, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Advertising. It was also the same year that I met my husband.

As time goes by, my passion for interior design only strengthened. When I got married in 2005 in North Carolina, we bought our first house. I was extremely excited and wasted no time turning it from a house to a home. Living in a household with a single income, I quickly learned to decorate on a budget. Many friends who came to our house complimented our home decor and I soon realized that I really wanted to decorate for others. Decorating and thinking about ways to beautify a space always make me happy. 

In 2010, we relocated to Illinois when my husband found a new job. I have few friends here, in order to keep myself occupied, I started a design blog on a whim. It began as a creative outlet for me (in the beginning of February 2011) and by October 2011, I am ready to help others make their design dreams come true, so Mix And Chic Interiors was born. I believe beautiful spaces can be obtained even with a small budget by flexing a little creativity muscle and shopping smart. I would be absolutely thrilled to help anyone achieve this goal through my design services.

I hope you enjoy following along. Thanks for reading!