Friday, May 10, 2019

Inside designer Meg Braff's vibrant and layered Long Island home!

This gorgeous 60s-era home in Locust Valley, Long Island belongs to designer Meg Braff that she shares with her husband and four sons. With the help from architect Laura Casale, this ranch is transformed into a spacious two-story family home. See how designer Meg Braff injects style, color and vibrancy into her new home, shall we? 

Photo credit: Annie Schlechter

What do you think of this stunning home? Although her decorating style is not everyone's cup of tea, I find her fearless use of bold colors, patterns and textiles truly inspirational. A lot can go wrong with that much colors and patterns but I think she pulled it off with ease, thanks to her keen sense of style. Her abode simply exudes a feminine, layered, global chic vibe that I find to be quite charming and delightful. What are your thoughts? Are you drawn to this vibrant home as much as I do?

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  1. I grew up not far from Locust Valley in Garden City NY
    Her style is stunning. Thanks for sharing her design with us.


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