Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Inside a designer's relaxed modern vintage California home!

This 1930s Spanish house in View Park, California belongs to entertainment-exec-turned-designer Colette Shelton. After buying the house, Colette (a design blogger for more than 10 years) decided to pursue her passion full-time. To transform her home, a neutral palette is incorporated. Meanwhile, patterns and high contrasts are used to create visual interest. The results? A relaxed and beautifully layered home! Let's check it out, shall we?

Photo credit: Reid Rolls

Photo credit: Melissa Gayle

I really love the designer's modern vintage aesthetic! Using a strict color palette of natural hues, the designer masterfully inject warmth, style and visual impact through various patterns, textures and materials. Effortlessly layered, chic and eclectic, what's not to love about this beautiful home? Your thoughts? 


  1. Colette Shelton has created a beautifully styled home. Love the blacks and white.
    The patterns add tons of interest without making it busy


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