Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Inside a breathtaking Provence farmhouse!

This 13,000-square-foot farmhouse in Provence is designed by Susan Bednar Long for her long time client. Her client's dream is to have a home in France one day. Ideally, the house should set upon flat, open land since they have a large family. After landing an ideal spot, her client hired renowned local architect Alexandre Lafourcade to modify the interiors. Because all the rooms are huge, the designer has to be mindful of the layout and scale. To offset the generous proportions, the designer picked substantial furniture and composed multiple vignettes in each room. Let's check out the results of this amazing transformation, shall we?

Photo credit: Alexandre Bailhache

Thanks to a combination of neutral upholstery, simple, rustic furniture along with floral and gingham textiles, this farmhouse feels fresh, easy and unpretentious. There is so much inspirations to take away from this well-designed, casually elegant farmhouse, don't you think? Check out the rest of the gorgeous home tour here!

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  1. A magnificent home. Grand, elegant and reminds me of a country estate.
    Thank you so for featuring it this morning.


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