Friday, March 29, 2019

Inside a bright, breezy and beautiful Alys Beach oasis!

This Alys Beach oasis is designed by Melanie Turner for a longtime client. Having complete confidence in the designer, her client took a hands-off approach in the design project. The homeowner's only direction was to make it "light, bright and comfortable" where she could escape the hustle of everyday life. With that in mind, the designer transformed her home into a calming and relaxing refuge. Let's check it out, shall we?

Photo credit: Mali Azima

Thanks to the simplicity of an all-white color scheme, it creates an immediate and dramatic impact in this breathtaking home! Using mostly white on a space conveys a sense of cleanliness, airiness, spaciousness, brightness, clarity and calmness. However, sometimes a white on white decor can feel too stark or too cold. By adding a variety of wood elements and warm textures, it adds depth, a sense of coziness and visual interest. The gorgeous courtyard pool and master bedroom are especially my favorites! Such a dreamy, breezy and inspirational abode, what's not to love? Your thoughts?  


  1. Dear Jessie,
    In the May. 2012 issue of Traditional Homes I did a feature on Melanie She was one of their 10 New Traditionals for 2012. I had met her a few weeks earier at Atlanta's Show Homes.
    When Traditional Homes picked her she called and asked if I could write the story on her
    entry. I went to her home where she was staging rooms for a new piece with a photographer. Very interesting!!! The photographer did my "Head Shot" for the feature since I didn't have one.
    Quite an afternoon.

  2. Hi Patty!!! That photographer was me and I remember that day! Hope all is well with you!!! Many thanks, Emily Followill,


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