Monday, September 10, 2018

Inside a charming and effortlessly casual shingle style home!

This newly built home is a collaboration between designer Liliane Hart and architect Marc Appleton for a Massachusetts couple. The clients wanted an unpretentious, easygoing informality of a Shingle Style abode. To achieve the comfortable and casual vibe their clients are looking for, they combined reclaimed materials and traditional millwork into the all-season house. Let's check out the results, shall we?

Photo credit: William Abranowicz

A mix of wicker, oak, antiques, vintage fabrics and different style furnishings is used to give this home a lived-in and collected feel. Plenty of whites, sandy colors, watery blues, and natural wood tones are incorporated to complement the amazing ocean views. Such a charming, effortlessly casual and comfortable home, what's not to love? Your thoughts?

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  1. So charming and welcoming. A home easy to live in and be chic but also comfortable


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