Thursday, March 8, 2018

Favorite room of the week!

This living area designed by Sarah Vaile absolutely rocks! A few classic pieces, a modern artwork, a few brass elements and some unexpected accents were incorporated to create a fresh, layered and eclectic space! The grasscloth wallcovering is neutral yet visually interesting, a wonderful addition to the room. A pair of beautiful dressers provides warmth and coziness while grounding the space. Two tall mirrors bring your eye up while reflecting light. Unexpected touches such as the leopard print pillows and a leopard print ottoman offer a whimsical feel to this elegant room. Such a chic, gorgeous, inviting and thoughtfully designed space, what's not to love? Your thoughts?

Photo credit: Sarah Whit Interior Design 


  1. My age is showing--I don't like the decor in this room except the pair of dressers and rug. I guess my tone-on-tone preference is showing! Thank you for posting a most different and lively room.

  2. Wow. This room wakes you up. My favorites are the dressers and mirrors. They ground allow your eyes to rest


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