Friday, February 9, 2018

Inside a bright, charming and effortlessly chic weekend home in Connecticut!

This gorgeous weekend home in Darien, Connecticut is designed by Ashley Whittaker. Using an enchanting floral wallpaper as the starting point, this abode is transformed into a charming weekend escape. Let's check it out, shall we?

Photo credit: Read McKendree

A combination of pretty botanical wall coverings, vibrant colors and interesting textiles evokes a bright, delightful and springlike feel in this dreamy abode. Unexpected details such as the floral fabrics found at the back of the dining chairs and the citron welt on the powder room molding provide additional visual interest in the rooms. Chic, beautifully layered and thoughtfully designed, there are so many inspirations to take away from this fabulous tour. My lovelies, any thoughts?


  1. Good Morning Jessie,
    My favorite spaces in this cheerful retreat are the dining area, library and sitting area off the bedroom.
    A Happy home!!!

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