Monday, January 15, 2018

Inside a charming and idyllic retreat in Connecticut!

GrayBarns inn is an idyllic retreat located in Norwalk, Connecticut. The inn was formerly a millhouse and textiles factory and was later converted to a Colonial-style inn in the '30s. Fast forward to 2015, the property was listed and caught the eye of developer Andy Glazer. A longtime resident nearby, he wanted to restore the property to its former glory. Andy's wife, Marsha, and their daughter shared his vision and helped him transform the inn into something beautiful and relevant. Let's take a look at the finished results, shall we?

Photo credit: Marili Forastieri

Such a charming and inviting retreat, don't you think? By masterfully incorporating shiplap walls, plantation shutters, reclaimed wood and natural elements with luxurious touches such as velvet and expensive linens, this gorgeous inn exudes warmth, comfort and a sense of rustic chic. The lovely lobby with the cozy sitting area and glass partition is especially my favorite. Are you draw to this inspiring retreat as well? I would love to know your thoughts!

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