Monday, January 22, 2018

Inside a bright, chic and collected split-level apartment!

This beautiful 2,500-square-foot split-level apartment is designed by sisters Ashley Waddell and Courtney Whatley for a client with two grown children and a high school student. To make the home feel more open and airy, a neutral backdrop was chosen while the walls, ceilings and floors are painted white. The results? A bright and inviting abode!  Let's check it out, shall we?

Photo credit: Jessica Glynn

With a combination of midcentury pieces with newer furnishings, this home feels fresh, collected and chic! Wood tones and natural elements add warmth, textures and visual interest to the space. A few pops of lavender breaks up the white palette, creating an unexpected visual delight. The gorgeous dining area with the built-in tufted banquette is especially my favorite.  Such a thoughtfully designed home, what's not to love? Your thoughts?

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