Friday, December 8, 2017

Inside a designer's bright and cheery holiday home!

Be inspired by designer Tobi Fairley's bright and cheery holiday home below!

Photo credit: Nancy Nolan

How gorgeous is her home? Bright, bold and tailored, her holiday home is nothing short of inspiring! I love the way she fearlessly uses color and patterns to create drama and visual interest. The stunning dining room with the pretty floral wallpaper and lovely pink chairs are particularly my favorite. The uncommon color combo of bubblegum pink and citrus yellow exudes a refreshing and delightful feel, don't you think? I am a fan of her fun and fabulous decorating approach, what about you? Your thoughts?


  1. Wow Amazing how the reds from the exterior carry through to the entry and beyond. Even down to the tulips.

  2. I personally like Tobi and used to follow her blog, but I don't like her decorating. Too amateurish for my taste. The house's rooms and bones are beautiful, but I'd prefer a lower-key decorating scheme.

  3. Wow, I could not live with all those different patterns throughout the house, the only room I like is the kitchen.I much prefer Raili Clasen's style of decorating


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