Monday, November 27, 2017

Inside an interior designer's festive and beautifully layered holiday home in London!

Check out London-based interior designer, Alidad's gorgeous holiday home below!

Photo credit: Simon Upton

Such a festive and beautiful holiday home! Fresh greens, fruits and flowers lend a seasonal touch to the space. Stunning textiles, old world tapestries, 19th-century English furniture, Islamic art and antique fabrics evoke a warm, layered and lived-in feel in this cozy apartment. A mix of eclectic furnishings and timeless pieces provide style, visual interest and elegance to this abode. The dramatic living room and the red faux suede door with the gold braid trim outside a powder room are particularly my favorites, what about you? Is there any element or room that catches your eye? Your thoughts?


  1. Elegant. Each space is perfectly dressed!

  2. Gorgeous. Old world elegance yet cozy and warm. I could happily live there! Thank you for posting.


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