Monday, November 6, 2017

Inside a home stager's fresh, layered and cozy Fayetteville home!

Check out how model home stager, Keith Taylor incorporates a mix of vintage pieces, personal collections and comfortable textures to create warmth and timelessness to his family's new construction home in Fayetteville!

Photo credit: Rett Peek

A combination of old, new and reinvented is the key to this beautifully layered, cozy and charming home. Exuding a comfortable, lived-in yet fresh vibe is no easy task, thanks to his thoughtful and masterfully mix of soft palette, warm textures and new traditional design approach. I truly admire his wonderful decorating style, what about you? Thoughts?


  1. Loved this post. It's not easy to "stage" a home and have such warm and welcoming results.

  2. I enjoy the neutral background and lovely accessories, but I believe the home is a bit 'overstaged'. Take out a few items and it is charming.

  3. Love the post and the home! It looks awesome, simply gorgeous and elegant. Thanks for sharing!!


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