Thursday, November 9, 2017

Favorite room of the week!

This gorgeous bathroom designed by Kyle Timothy Blood totally rocks my world! The mesmerizing patterns of floor-to-ceiling Moroccan tile are definitely the star in this space. Not only the tiles provide visual interest, they evoke an international flair, transporting you to a faraway place. I especially like how the floor tiles are laid to resemble a carpet. The beautiful floor tile borders create additional visual interest and draws your eye to the bathtub and shower enclosure. The white Moroccan style vanity with little cutout patterns mimic the floor tiles, creating a sense of flow and cohesiveness in the room. The bold decorative accent above the bathtub and the thoughtfully designed tile arrangement inside the shower balanced each other visually while providing a major design impact. Fresh, delightful and globally chic, there are so much inspirations to be found in this stunning bathroom. What are your thoughts?

Photo credit: House Beautiful


  1. Very interesting! I love Moroccan design. And the half-door! However, I feel the tile, though beautiful, is a bit too loud for the room and shower. Tone that down, plus don't have it behind the vanities. Then it would be perfect! Thank you for posting.


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