Friday, November 10, 2017

A designer's fresh and playful historic home in New York!

Before designer Juan Carretero can decorate his historic Catskill, New York home, it has to go through some serious structural changes first. He wanted to create a free-flowing open layout that wouldn't obscure the beautiful views of the river. For the interiors, he wanted it to feel eclectic, slightly formal with a sense of humor. To achieve his vision, he combined modern touches and bold accents into his weekend abode. Let's check out the results of this wonderful transformation, shall we?

Photo credit: House Beautiful

Such a fresh and inspirational home tour! By incorporating a mix of unusual finds, classic pieces and modern furnishings, the designer has successfully create a delightful and visually interesting dynamic in all the rooms. The oversize dice stools, the collage of found object folding screens and the circus-striped ceiling definitely capture the humorous vibe the designer was looking for, don't you think? The eclectic living room and the beautiful bedroom are especially my favorites. Is there any room or element that catches your eye as well? I would love to know your thoughts!


  1. Blending and mixing textures and styles gives this home a special vibe. Great way to spend a weekend or longer.

  2. The exterior of the home is beautiful. And what a surprise inside! Love his use of unusual items in a traditional home! Thank you for showing us.


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