Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Serenbe Designer Showhouse!

Be inspired by this amazing 2017 Serenbe Designer Showhouse!

Photo credit: Mali Azima

Living room by designers Don Easterling and Nina Nash.

Kitchen by designers Jena Salmon, Kay and Jamie Chung.

Ground floor powder and hall designed by Patrick and Meghan Sharp.

Master suite by designer Chris Holt.

Guest bedroom by designer Jennifer Healey.

Office by designer Anna Wooten Loggins.

Rear porch by designer Susie Powell.

Check out the equally stunning second unit of the 2017 Serenbe Designer Showhouse!

Guest suite by designers Michele Gratch and Julie Montgomery.

Photo credit: Mali Azima

Master suite by designer Terri Duffy.

Living room by designers Buffy Ferguson and David Frazier.

Kitchen, breakfast and ground floor powder by designer Jena Salmon.

Guest bedroom by designer Jenn Balcos.

Architectural design by Edwin Rhinehart and Robert Pulliam.

Photo credit: Jeff Herr

Both showhouses are nothing short of gorgeous! I love how the designers display their incredible styles by weaving warm textures with sophisticated touches to create fresh, delightful and chic spaces. Although most rooms are designed by different designers, they share a similar color palette and thus, feel effortlessly cohesive and pulled together. There are so many wonderful design ideas and inspirations to take away from these beautiful showhouses, don't you think? Which showhouse do you prefer? Thoughts?

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  1. MC and I visited Serenbe a few years ago. It's an amazing community.
    Love the placement of the large art.


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