Friday, September 1, 2017

A rustic and refined farmhouse-inspired home in Martha's Vineyard!

Built by Holmes Hole Builders and designed by Hutker Architects, this awe-inspiring home on Martha's Vineyard is inspired by Europe farmhouses. Retrofitted to resemble an old barn, reclaimed floor and a structural timber frame are incorporated to achieve a rustic and charming vibe. Meanwhile, a mix of classic detailing and contemporary furnishings lends an updated, refined sensibility to the space. Intrigued? Let's take a look at this stunning residence, shall we?

Photo credit: Eric Roth

Love this super gorgeous abode! A blend of different woods and natural materials such as stones and marbles provides warmth, comfort and visual delight to this inviting barn house. The beautiful details and wonderful architecture features from this tour definitely caught my eyes, what about you? Any thoughts?


  1. Gorgeous! I love every part.

  2. I am drawn to the stylistic restraint, refinement, modern quakeresque aesthetic. very serene and restful home. thanks for showing us.

  3. This is my DREAM HOME!!! It's perfect.


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